What should I do if I have hemorrhoids during pregnancy?Remember these 4 points is important

When it comes to the word "hemorrhoids", many people have become tightly tightened. After all, the phrase "ten men and nine hemorrhoids, ten women and ten hemorrhoids" have been spread for a long time.It’s tender, it’s all the objects of it. You think you will put you a horse when you are pregnant?No, no, pregnant women are also one of its starting objects. Some data show that the incidence of long hemorrhoids during pregnancy has exceeded 70%!With such a high incidence, there must be some pregnant mothers who have started to worry, don’t be afraid!Today, Sister Ma will take everyone to understand the knowledge of pregnant women’s hemorrhoids.

1. The cause of long hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Hemorrhoids generally appear in the third trimester, which is caused by the following reasons:

① During pregnancy, with the growth and development of the baby, the uterus gradually increases, and the uterus growing up will affect the circulation of veins, which hinders blood flow and cause hemorrhoids.

② During the pregnancy, the luteal ketone is increased, the intestinal peristalsis slows, the stool stays for too long, it is easy to form constipation, and it is easy to cause hemorrhoids.

③ If the pregnant mother can’t sit still for a long time, the blood circulation of the body is not smooth, which will cause excessive filling of the hemorrhoidal vein, which will induce hemorrhoids.

However, sometimes pregnancy itself is not necessarily the real cause of hemorrhoids. The formation of hemorrhoids is a long -term process. Some pregnant mothers may have hemorrhoids before pregnancy, but they are only noticed after pregnancy.Before, you must develop a healthy lifestyle and prepare for pregnancy. The so -called "holding your mouth and opening your legs" is not just talking about it.

2. Symptoms of pregnant women with hemorrhoids

① It can cause constipation. Constipation is not only the cause of the long hemorrhoids of pregnant women, but also the symptoms of long hemorrhoids for pregnant women. Some pregnant mothers may have resistance to defecation due to pain, which will increase constipation.

② It can cause pain and is one of the most common symptoms. Patients will have a tingling sensation because of the swelling of blood vessels in anal tissue.

③ can cause blood in the stool. The stool excreted contains bright red blood. The general amount is less, but severe bleeding may occur in severe cases.

④ It can cause anemia. If the hemorrhoids of pregnant women are not improved for a long time, they will cause anemia to varying degrees, which will cause dizziness, pale complexion, and weakness.

⑤ Some pregnant mothers may cause complications such as malnutrition, hemorrhoidal prolapse, and formation of external hemorrhoid thrombosis.

3. Does pregnant women have hemorrhoids affect the fetus?

Generally speaking, the pregnant mother’s hemorrhoids have no direct harm to the fetus, but if it is not improved for a long time, it will have an indirect impact on the fetus.First of all, the long hemorrhoids of pregnant women will cause anemia. Long -term severe anemia will affect the development of the fetus, which is related to the increase in the risk of infection, premature fetal birth, and slow growth and development.Secondly, the long hemorrhoids of pregnant women will affect the childbirth process. During childbirth, especially for delivery, it will increase hemorrhoids, exacerbate pain, and affect normal production.If the perineal perineal has side -cut or tear wounds, and at the same time, there is an unbearable hemorrhoids, which is really miserable!

4. How to improve the hemorrhoids of pregnant women?

As mentioned earlier, if the hemorrhoids of pregnant women have not been improved for a long time, it will become more and more serious, increasing the burden on pregnant mothers. Let’s introduce several methods that are conducive to slow pregnant women’s hemorrhoids:

① Strengthen exercise, maintain a certain amount of exercise, walking, yoga, Pirati, and fitness are all good choices. In addition, maintaining regular pottery muscle exercise is conducive to improving the blood circulation of the basin floor.

② Develop a healthy lifestyle, maintain a reasonable diet, pay attention to the balance of diet, do not touch heavy taste and greasy food, and eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber.

③ Pay attention to cleaning after urination to avoid itching and pain from the residues.

④ Treatment of constipation in time. When you have the intention, you must stool in time. Don’t endure the stool, don’t defecate too much.

⑤ Drug therapy, oral drugs that treat intravenous veins and local therapeutic drugs that soothe symptoms are safe and effective hemorrhoids. You can take the spirit of compound cornicate polish under the guidance of your doctor according to your own situation.Essence

It is hoped that the above relief method can help pregnant mothers with hemorrhoids with pregnant women. It is worth reminding that if there is a history of hemorrhoids before pregnancy, the possibility of recurrence of hemorrhoids during pregnancy will increase.Mom must always pay attention to her physical condition. Of course, other pregnant mothers should not take it lightly, but don’t let pregnant women "take advantage of it."

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