What should I do if I have fever during pregnancy?

At the time of changing the season, the body’s immunity is slightly lower, and you will catch a cold if you are not careful!Heating is usually a common symptom of a cold. If the pregnant mother during pregnancy is fever, can they use medicine?

Early pregnancy fever

Can lead to increased risk of miscarriage, death, death, birth defects, and newborns’ death.It has an impact on various organs of the fetus, including nervous systems, craniotomy and heart defects.

Different degrees of fever in the middle and late pregnancy

It can lead to tachycardia, internal distress, and even fetal death in the palace.

How many ways are there?

(1) Physical cooling: Reducing wearing clothes and keeping the environment cool is a good non -drug method for treating fever.At the same time, you need to add enough water.Heating patch and warm water can reduce body temperature.

(2) Drug degradation: Generally, the body temperature is 38.5 degrees. Consider the cooling of the drug.

① Reflected hot town pain (for acetaminol, ibuprofen, sodium dicotenate, etc.).

② Corticine hormone (dexamethasone, Alonglong, etc., for acute inflammatory reactions syndrome or severe condition, unconventional medicine).

What are the relief analgesic drugs?

Mainly the acetaminol and ibuprofen.

☆ For acetamine pregnancy grades B, the medicine can be used through the placenta, which can be used for the entire process of pregnancy to analgesic and reduce fever.Acetaminol can be selected 3 months before pregnancy.

☆ ibuprofen pregnancy grades B, ibuprofen is related to the increase in the prevalence of abdominal wall defects and ventricular septal defects.Using ibuprofen before pregnancy may increase the risk of spontaneous abortion.

How to prevent/reduce fever during pregnancy?

(1) Avoid smoking, alcohol, anemia, malnutrition, environmental hygiene, etc.

(2) During the high incidence of influenza, actively prevent respiratory infection.

(3) Sumid sexual intercourse in the late pregnancy and puerpeaks; prevent and treat lower urinary and reproductive tract infections.


(1) Drug use must have clear fingerprints and indications. Under the guidance of doctors or pharmacists, they must be proved to be harmless to fetal fetuses.

(2) Old medicines that have been accurate, small in adverse reactions, and clearly use new drugs to avoid using new drugs.

(3) Small doses effectively avoid large doses, and effectively avoid combined medication.

(4) You need to clearly understand the number of pregnancy cycles when medication. The first three months of pregnancy is the formation of embryo organs, and drugs should be avoided as much as possible.

(5) If the drugs that may affect the fetus, we must weigh the advantages and disadvantages whether to use the medicine.

Pregnancy is a special period for women. If pregnant mothers have any fever and discomfort, they should take appropriate medicine under the guidance of a doctor ~

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