What should I do if I have a daughter and a daughter in my family?These should be considered before having children

Scholars are worried.She didn’t know if she should give birth to this child.Forty -year -old pregnant baby is a very happy thing.But this is not the case for Ms. Xu, who is both children.

Many people suggest that Ms. Xu gave birth to this baby, after all, the child has chosen you.But many people suggested that Ms. Xu did not want this child.After all, Ms. Xu is now forty years old, and her physical condition is definitely not as good as young people.Older women are very troublesome in the process of pregnancy, or in production.

1. The body of the pregnant mother

For most older pregnant mothers, the age of having children has caused a lot of trouble.First of all, what Baoma needs to consider is whether her body can support her to give birth to this baby.For this problem, pregnant mothers should not be decided based on their subjective judgments, and then decide on the inspection.

Secondly, many elderly mothers have diabetes or even hypertension.And with the development of pregnancy, pregnant mothers may encounter many problems. At this time, pregnant mothers should consider whether they are within their own scope.

2. The problem of bringing a child after the child is born

Many people envy others’ happiness.But the sadness is unknown.Our body function will decline with age.As a result, whether you can take care of this little baby.It is not a simple matter to see children, even young mothers are distressed.

3. Educational issues

Many parents attach great importance to their children’s educational work, so after their children are born, whether they have the ability to bear the child’s education ability.The most realistic issue is the source of the economy.After the birth of a child, it is necessary to increase the expenses of various spending expenses.

Raising a baby is not a simple matter.And parents are not simple to say.Everyone still needs to look at it rationally for whether they want their children.Don’t regret the future at this time due to impulse.

Especially for children, parents’ wrong decisions may affect their lives.Therefore, parents need to consider various factors in all aspects.I wish parents in the world healthy and happy.

If you really want three babies and these reality faced by Baoma, maybe you may not expect that you must consider it before making a decision.

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