What should I do if I have a cold when I have a cold?

The body has begun to change from the beginning of women’s pregnancy. Especially the progesterone secreted in the early pregnancy can cause pregnant women to have a lot of pregnancy reactions, such as pregnancy vomiting, such as weak limbs or even colds.After the fetal development, many pregnant women have to provide a lot of nutrients to the fetus, and their own resistance decreases, causing colds such as colds, cough and fever. Today I will talk about what to do when pregnancy and cold?

Pregnant women have a cold and are divided into many reasons, and try not to take medicine. Although there are many special effects for pregnant women, it is possible to affect the fetus.It is not a very serious disease, so this risk is not recommended.If you want to treat a cold, you must first figure out what the situation is caused by the situation. For example, if some pregnant women in the early pregnancy, a strong response during pregnancy will also cause a cold. If this is the case, just pay attention to rest and wait until the pregnancy reaction will be natural.

After the second trimester, the cold is about to have a relationship with the physique of the pregnant woman itself. Some women’s constitution will decrease during pregnancy and it will easily suffer from colds. In this case, pregnant women should not be anxious.You must learn to regulate emotional active treatment.For example, when you get up in the morning, open the window to ventilate. If the temperature is low, you can go to other rooms first, and then rinse your mouth with salt water to eliminate the bacteria in the mouth.When washing at night, soaking your feet has great benefits to alleviating colds and fatigue. The water temperature is too long for a long time. Then drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed, and the fragrance of sleep is naturally fast.

Although pregnant women can’t take medicine, they can eat it. The most common is ginger sugar water. Hot brown sugar ginger water drinks a little sweat. Be careful not to blow off, and the body will be much more comfortable.There are also radish soup and rock sugar Sydney.If you like to drink porridge, it is better to do it. The white lean rice porridge is the best diet for the treatment of a cold. The rice porridge is thinner. When you cook it, put on the green onion and lean beef.Doring cold and treating a cold is not in one way. If the pregnant woman has a cold throat or cough, it is recommended to eat saline and mouthwash to suppress the cough.

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