What should I do if I get my mold vaginitis?7 common questions, obstetrics and gynecologists to answer

Experts in this article: Zhang Shiqian Shandong University Qilu Hospital chief physician

"Why do mold vaginitis?", "Will vaginitis affect fertility?", Mold vaginitis is a high incidence of women, and patients are mostly manifested as tofu -like in vulva, vulva, vaginal itching, and diagnosis of diagnosis.After the moldy vaginitis, many patients have a stomach confused. Zhang Shi, chief physician of Qilu Hospital, Shandong University, summarized the seven common problems and cleared the doubts about mold vaginitis.

Answer: There are many different types of microorganisms in the vagina, including lactobacillus and fake silk yeast, commonly known as mold.Under normal circumstances, lactobacillus maintains a weak acidic environment in the vagina; when the body’s resistance decreases, especially when the local resistance decreases, or the poisoning force of the fake silk yeast is enhanced, the body’s resistance is weaker than the invasion force, which eventually leads to fake silk.A large number of yeasts breed, forming moldy vaginitis through damage to the body’s vaginal epithelial cells.

Answer: Moomal vaginitis is caused by vaginal flora disorders. Generally, local treatment can be used.Unmarried women who cannot tolerate local medication or are unwilling to take local medication can be treated with oral drugs.

Answer: Vaginal rinse is not good for health.The vaginal flushing will increase the chance of pelvic inflammatory disease, the more routing the number of rinsing times, and the higher the chance of inflammation.

In addition, the risk of ectopic pregnancy, infertility, cervical cancer, sexually transmitted diseases and premature birth.Because lactobacillus in the vagina maintains a slightly acidic environment, it can inhibit the growth of other pathogenic bacteria. Vaginal washing will destroy the internal environment of the vagina, promote the growth of abnormal flora, and eventually lead to vaginal inflammation.

Vaginal flushing before and after ovulation, the chance of adversely entering the body in the body is higher.During pregnancy, uplifting infections may lead to premature birth.

Answer: Sexual partners generally do not need to be treated.However, about 15%of men suffer from balanitis after sexual contact with female patients. For symptomatic men, fake silk yeast examination and treatment should be performed to prevent repeated infections in women.

Answer: About 84%of women will recur after the treatment of fungal vaginitis for the first time, which may be related to pregnancy, oral contraceptives or antibacterial drugs, diabetes, vaginal rinse, immunosuppressants, HIV infections, and some people will have physical fitnessThe susceptibility is related to genes and genetic factors.

In life, we should try to avoid the above factors, such as avoid abuse of "anti -inflammatory drugs" and avoid vaginal flushing.

Answer: If fungal vaginitis is found before planning for pregnancy, it is recommended to treat it first, and then plan for pregnancy after the mold is negative.Because the inflammation of the vagina may cause amnioticitis, leading to abortion and premature birth.

Answer: Finding fungal vaginitis during pregnancy can be treated with local medication. For example, clonazole vaginal suppositories can be used safely during pregnancy.In addition, mold vaginitis does not affect the delivery.

This article is reproduced from "Qian Zhang Shi" (former director of the gynecology department of Qilu Hospital of Shandong University) WeChat public account, and has been authorized to reprint

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