What should I do if I find HPV positive?

Some fans asked: [I am 32 years old and I have been pregnant for four months, but I found HPV positive yesterday. Can children still ask?.

Before answering this question, let’s first understand what HPV is.

HPV refers to human papilloma virus. There are about 200 HPVs found at present. In addition to causing a variety of benign tumors and warts that cause human skin and mucosa, high -risk types such as HPV16 and HPV18 have strong pathogenicity. Women continue to continueThe risk of cervical cancer after infection.

However, HPV infection is very common, because its transmission pathway is very wide, and sexual transmission is not the only way to propagate. If the skin or mucosa is exposed to items with HPV, it may also be transmitted.(For example, the university roommate of the neighboring monarch, her feet inexplicably growing the common warts caused by HPV, mostly infected when I went to the public bathroom to take a bath.)

So do pregnant women need to terminate pregnancy after infection with HPV?There are two cases:


In the first case, pregnant women are not infected with high -risk HPVs, but they are low -risk, and there are no symptoms.

If symptoms occur, such as benign warts, you can use physical means such as laser, microwave, and electrical burning for treatment. You can also take drugs after giving birth to a baby.(I am afraid that it will have an impact on the fetus, so it is not recommended to use immunotherapy drugs such as interferon, pantinin) during pregnancy)


In the second case, pregnant women are infected with high -risk types of carcinogenic risks such as HPV16 and HPV18. Then you need to do TCT screening to see if the cervix is lesions. If it is only HPV -positive, TCT is not abnormal, and regular review can be reviewed;

If the TCT is abnormal, then pregnant women need to further do a vaginal examination. If necessary, a cervical biopsy is required. If there is no problem with the cervix under the vaginal mirror, you can continue your pregnancy.

However, due to individual differences in pregnant women, whether TCT screening and vaginal mirrors can be determined according to the situation of the pregnant woman themselves. Unless the pregnant woman has a good constitution and does not show signs of abortion, it is not recommended to do TCT screening or vaginal vagina or vagina.Mirror.

After all, it is a very special period during pregnancy. For the health of the fetus, the neighboring monarch suggested that pregnant women can use the kit for self -examination. This method is more convenient.Hospital, you can detect at home, just sample a few drops of urine.

If the results of the kit are positive, it is not too late to go to TCT screening and vaginal mirror.

It should be noted that if pregnant women have genital warts such as genital warts, they are also accompanied by symptoms such as local itching, pain, and odor. It is best to choose a caesarean section during childbirth to avoid newborns infected with HPV during the birth canal.

If pregnant women are infected with high -risk HPVs, and the cervix has occurred, inflammatory infections may be adversely affected by the fetal barrier, which may also induce natural abortion.

If a pregnant woman’s pregnancy examination is abnormal, the neighboring monarch suggests that the pregnancy can be terminated by artificial abortion surgery, and then the condition of her own condition can be treated in time.

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