What should I do if I don’t want to have sex after giving birth?

Question: Before having a son, my husband and I had a very harmonious life with my husband, and I could often feel the climax.That kind of pleasure made me seem to be in heaven.However, since the birth of a son, because of the delivery, we have restored the life of the husband and wife after full moon.It has been more than 3 months now. Why does it feel like there is no previous pleasure?Is it caused by vaginal relaxation after giving birth?

Sexual therapist answered: Many women have this feeling. After giving birth to a child, I feel that the intercourse is tasteless.Occasionally, just to satisfy my husband, I have neither the pleasure I have enjoyed before, nor orgasm.What is going on?Of course, one of them may be caused by vaginal relaxation, but in addition to vaginal problems, psychological pressure can also lead to lack of pleasure.Then what should be done?Let’s introduce several solutions below.

Exercise with a shrinking ball

Like any muscle tissue, if the pelvic floor muscles do not often exercise, it will weaken and lose elasticity.Especially when women have giving birth or increased with age, the bottom muscle will relax.This will directly affect the quality of life of husband and wife, which may cause women to experience the previous pleasure during the intercourse.

The private and firming dumbbells, through the combination of two dumbbell combinations of light and heavy type, with a tailor -made advanced training tutorial to help women find the most suitable pelvic floor muscle training method that is best for them, and hold tightly and effective grip in the easy and effective basics training.The inner beauty is a sexy and firming woman.As long as you persist in training for 3 months, you can clearly feel the elasticity of the bottom muscle of the vaginal basin, and it obviously feels more closely closely close in the intercourse process.

Put down the heavy ideological baggage

Only by putting down the heavy ideological burden can we better enjoy the house.There are two ideological burdens after production. One is vaginal relaxation.The second is to be afraid of getting pregnant again. This burden is also one of the wishes that women cannot enjoy intercourse. For this part of women, they need to wear a condom when the husband and wife live. Without worries, they can better enjoy the life of husband and wife.

There is also a one -and -for example, ligation.Studies have shown that after the ligation of men, his wife’s sexual desire has been greatly improved.This is also related to no need to be afraid of pregnancy.

Spend more time before the intercourse

This has to start from two aspects.The first is that the husband cooperates and cannot act in a hurry.The second is to give him more opportunities.I am only 30 years old like you. There are too few every month of intercourse. There should be 3 to 4 times.Too few, often leading to her husband’s hunger.Occasionally, he would have "hungry food", can’t help but be fast.You haven’t tasted happiness, he has ended.This is not conducive to evoking your interest.

Sleep with your child

Postpartum women put a lot of energy on children.I am afraid of presking the child, I am afraid that the child is thirsty, hungry … and so on.Excessive attention to children will also reduce women’s sexual desire and affect orgasm.It is recommended to sleep in bed with the child so that she will not wake her/him during action.And after getting used to it, you will not put all your energy on your children, but have the energy to take care of the sexual needs of yourself and your husband, and enjoy the house.

Pay attention to normal husband and wife life

The harmonious husband and wife life can not only increase the fun of life, deepen the relationship between couples, and prevent or reduce the occurrence of some diseases, and even delay aging.Therefore, the life of husband and wife is not dispensable.You come to consult today, indicating that you have known this.I hope you pay more attention to it, give full play to subjective initiative and imagination, and reintegrate your passion at the beginning of marriage. I believe you will be able to reworked a happy life before delivery.

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