What should I do if I do n’t have more constipation during pregnancy during pregnancy?

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Constipation can be said to be the "enemy" of many pregnant mothers, which leads to the accumulation of toxins in the body. It may also cause abdominal pain and abdominal distension. In severe cases, intestinal obstruction may cause premature birth.Long -term stool cannot be pulled out. For a long time to go to the toilet, hemorrhoids or hemorrhoids will be aggravated, which makes the pain of pregnant women unbearable.

Why do constipation prefer pregnant mothers?

Constipation is an embarrassing topic. Moreover, constipation is still a big trouble. Normal excretion cannot be performed. It is undoubtedly to stay toxins in the body. How can the body be healthy?For pregnant women, this special period is inconvenient to take medicine, which is even more painful!Why do constipation prefer pregnant mothers?There are mainly the following reasons:

1. Maternal mothers change endocrine levels, increase progesterone, and progesterone can reduce the tension of smooth gastrointestinal smoothing muscles, inhibit intestinal peristalsis, and cause difficulty in defecation.

2. Gradually increased by the pregnancy of the pregnancy can compress the rectum, slow down the stool’s operating speed, which will cause it to fail to defecate normally.

The dietary structure of pregnant women has changed, rough grain decreases, lacks dietary fiber, reduces the amount of feces, and has weakened the promotion effect on intestinal wall stimulation.

4. Decreased pregnancy activities, affecting the peristalsis of the rectum.

5. Eat a lot of greasy soup to increase constipation.

In order to reduce the symptoms of constipation, pregnant mothers should eat more coarse grains, miscellaneous grains, and eat more vegetables and fruits containing fiber.Although it is a good thing to supplement coarse grains during pregnancy, be careful not to eat it with dairy products, iron or calcium foods or medicines, preferably about 40 minutes.

Drink water to have skills

Constipation is usually caused by the lack of water, so drink plenty of water, but drinking water should pay attention to skills, otherwise even if you drink it, there is no effect.Do not violently drink, 2-3 liters per day, in order to avoid cold stomachs, try to drink warm water as much as possible.


Every morning and each time after dining, the most prone to occur. It is best to get up early every day to defecate. Even if there is no intention, you need to sit for a few minutes, and you will have conditional reflexes in the long run.

Exercise regularly

Take a walk every day, or do housework, promote intestinal peristalsis, prevent or reduce constipation.Do not take medicine without permission for constipation. It is easy to cause abortion or premature birth due to improper medication. Severe constipation should strictly follow the doctor’s advice and be cautious.

Prevention is greater than treatment. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to prevent constipation in the early stages of pregnancy, pay attention to diet, exercise appropriately, and regularly stool every day. There will be good prevention effects!

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