What should I do if I am worried about pregnancy and unexpected pregnancy anxiety?

I stained the semen on my hand and then touched her girlfriend’s lower body. Is it possible to get pregnant?With the underwear, some prostate fluids flowed out of the underwear, and it was not shot. Is it possible for a girlfriend to get pregnant?We have no measures. Maybe we took emergency contraceptives within 2 hours. Is it possible to get pregnant?I happened to be ovulation that day. Although I brought a condom, the menstruation should not come today. Are I pregnant?My boyfriend doesn’t like wearing a condom. He feels that the in vitro is safe, but after every time we have a relationship, I am afraid of getting pregnant.

—— (originated from netizens’ consultation and questioning)

1. Do you have unexpected pregnancy anxiety?

For men and women with sexual life (including marginal sex), doctors will tell you that contraception is not 100%successful with the most professional and rigorous attitude. Netizens will show up and let you know that you are pregnant and you are pregnant.The amazing 13 million people will make you realize how common accidental pregnancy is.

After you taste the ban on the forbidden fruit, or if you do n’t have good contraception for various reasons, do you ca n’t help but worry about it day and night: Will you get pregnant?

If there is a unfortunate delay in menstruation or abnormal menstruation, will you be afraid to yell in your head:

"Damn! Wouldn’t I get pregnant!/Day! She should not be pregnant!"

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Second, when we are anxious and unexpected, what are we anxious?

The two red bars on the pregnancy test may be the starting line of many families, but it also tripped countless men and women on the crossroads of life.Unexpected pregnancy is not only pregnant itself, but also an irreparable consequences that it causes.

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If the protagonist is two college students who are still studying, obviously they have no way to bear the responsibility of giving birth to a child.The choice left for them is the only abortion.They are likely to decide secretly because they are afraid of their parents’ accusations. What follows is the following questions: how to hide their parents to abortion?How much does it cost?What do I have to do during abortion?What is the damage to the body?Will it be infertile after abortion?Will others know after flowing after giving birth …

If a couple who has not decided to marry, after accidental pregnancy, whether to choose Fengzi to marry or abortion before making plans, there will be many emotions and interests.Once anxious, the related plots of those related plots of unmarried pregnancy, physical gathered, obstacles, marriage negotiations, artificial abortion, and infertility have begun to be staged in turn.

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The root cause of unexpected pregnancy anxiety is not derived from "accidents", but because of a series of "illegal" operations.For example, no contraceptive measures, no properly use condoms, use of external ejaculation, safe -phase contraception and other contraceptives with low power, no contraceptive pills in accordance with regulations, and so on.

Once there is illegal operation, it will continue to repeat the details of the "beautiful process" afterwards.Contradiction, anxiety, panic, self -blame, regret, repeated confirmation and always have a fluke mentality. Most of the keywords in the search bar are inseparable from "Is menstruation late?"It was hit by naked reality cases after another, and worked away. In the end, it was difficult to lose these illegal operations, and how much pregnancy probability was in front of them.

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The few anxiety comes from the lack of knowledge of menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and contraception.For example, the cause of delayed menstruation or abnormalities is not only pregnant, but also may be related to tiredness, mental stress, staying up late, diet, excessive exercise, and taking drugs.However, some people have obviously made almost perfect contraceptive preparations, but they have a short -term posture of menstruation. I feel that the delay of menstruation must be due to pregnancy.

4. How to face unexpected pregnancy anxiety

First of all, the core of avoiding anxiety is of course preventing accidental pregnancy.

Although the condom is not 100%effective, it is the most worthy of our contraceptive method -a high success rate and can prevent most of the sexually transmitted diseases.If you insist on using a condom correctly for each sexual life, you don’t have to worry too much about accidents.If the success rate of 98%of the condom is not enough to reduce your anxiety about the 2%small probability event, then you can also take the short -acting contraceptive for contraception (more than 99.5%).

But if this still can’t stop your thoughts, maybe choosing a condom+oral short -acting contraceptive can give you a greater sense of security.

2. If the "illegal" operation has been inevitable, (illegal operations here include: unused condoms, no use of condoms, wearing condoms, use safety periods, in vitro ejaculation, 蹭, etc. are not rigorous.Turbage method), then it is recommended to use emergency contraceptive methods as soon as possible.Such as timely oral emergency contraceptives.

3. If menstrual delay and abnormal menstruation occur, it is recommended to consult professionals or direct consultations in time.Instead of thinking and doubt whether it is because of pregnancy, this cannot solve any problems. Instead, it may cause endocrine disorders because of excessive anxiety -menstrual disorders -worsening the malignant follow of anxiety.

Fourth, learn related knowledge, and establish a correct understanding of physiological processes such as contraception, pregnancy, and menstrual cycle.

Finally, there is no way to make the contraceptive power of 100%, except abstinence.

If you do not want to bear the consequences of accidental pregnancy, you should learn to increase the success rate of contraception to nearly 100%through various methods.At least 98%(using condoms correctly).

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