What should I do if I am pregnant?"Early Premier Clinic" outpatient clinic for you to keep the first level during pregnancy

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Two bars and upgrades to the Central Captain. In addition to joy, will you have such anxiety?

How long does it take to get pregnant?

When is the due date?

What is the baby?

Is it bed in the palace?

Is development healthy?

Is there a fetal heart?

Will abortion before, will it affect the health of the fetus?Do you want to keep your fetus?

I am more than 35 years old. The first child is cesarean. What should I pay special attention to the second child?

Don’t be nervous, good news is here!

The "Early Pregnancy Clinic" outpatient clinic is officially opened!

First, what is early pregnancy?

Pregnancy is called pregnancy in medicine and is divided into three periods:

① Early pregnancy (fertilized eggs in bed -13+6 weeks);

② Medium-term pregnancy (14-27+6 weeks);

③In advanced pregnancy (after 28 weeks).

Early pregnancy is also known as early pregnancy, which is an important period for embryonic formation and fetal organs.

2. What is early pregnancy clinic?


Women in the early pregnancy (within 3 months of pregnancy), pregnant women who are first visited for the first time.

The time of diagnosis of early pregnancy clinics

Fendong Courtyard District: Tuesday morning

Fuchengyuan District: Every Friday morning

Out -of -the -diagnosis expert

Chen Aiping

The chief physician, graduated from Shanxi Medical University in 1990, has been engaged in obstetrics and gynecology for more than 30 years. He is good at diagnosis and treatment of common and most common diseases and diseases of obstetrics and gynecology.

Early pregnancy clinic special introduction

Pregnancy is called pregnancy in medicine. As the saying goes, "October Wanderer" means that the entire pregnancy process requires "ten months", a pregnancy month is 4 weeks, and the whole pregnancy takes 40 weeks (about 280 days).During pregnancy, it is divided into early pregnancy (fertilized eggs in bed-13+6 weeks), and mid-term pregnancy (14-27+6 weeks) and advanced pregnancy (after 28 weeks).Early pregnancy is also called early pregnancy, which is an important period for embryo formation and fetal organs.Once you find that menstruation delay, positive urine pregnancy test, and determine continued pregnancy, the "Early Premeal Consultation" clinic should be registered as soon as possible.The outpatient clinic of early pregnancy can start the production of pregnancy during the early stages, formulate an individual chemical inspection plan, and provide a comprehensive systemic examination and consultation for mothers in the early pregnancy.Ensure the quality of health care during pregnancy and escort the health of mothers.

The diagnosis and treatment services that can be provided by the clinic for early pregnancy include:


Confirmation of early pregnancy, correction and verification of gestational week and due date;


The guidance of related knowledge during pregnancy, such as the process of the health book of the mother and child, the production inspection, etc.;


Formulate individualized production inspection plans during pregnancy;


Diagnosis of embryo development and provide tire protection treatment;


Treatment and referral during pregnancy abnormalities;


Guide the content, time and precautions for the next production inspection;


Establish WeChat groups to provide free online consultation;


Regular telephone return visit, accept telephone consultation;


The establishment of the hospital for pregnancy.

In short, early pregnancy mothers will experience many changes and situations, and they can come to the "early pregnancy clinic" to find the answer.In the early pregnancy, "Pepsi", there is a question of answering questions!

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Outpatient address

Fendong Courtyard

Fendong Hospital of Taiyuan Central Hospital: No. 256, Fendong Street, Xiaodian District, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province, southeast corner of the intersection of Fendong Street and Shimao Road.

Traffic Guide: Take Taiyuan Metro Line 2 to Xiqiao Station; take a bus 906,306 bus, Jiajiazhai Village will get off.

Fucheng Courtyard

Fusheng District, Taiyuan Central Hospital: No. 1, East Sandao Lane, Jiefang Road, Xinghuating Road, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province.

Traffic Guide: Take Taiyuan Metro Line 2 to Dabeimen Station; take bus 25, 3, 615 to Beidao Basing North Street (recruitment building), 100 meters west;, 820, 820, and 829 (Lin) bus to the Jiefang Road City Center Hospital Station, East Erdao Lane 200 meters eastward.

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