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Reader: What soup can be cured in the early stages of pregnancy and low blood pressure?

Sister Liang Tang: In the early stages of pregnancy, the demand for diet is like before pregnancy. Balanced diet can be paid. Pay attention to the supplement of iodine and folic acid. Iodine can be supplemented by iodized salt and seafood. Folic acid can be supplemented by supplements (usually 400ug/d), Beans, fruits and vegetables supplement.The availability of the ingredients without activating blood, slippery, hardship, cold, and hot ingredients to cook soup, such as Huaishan, Prince Ginseng, Yunling, Wolfberry, Valley, malt, etc., but be careful not to use hawthorn, peach kernel, cinnamon, barley, etc.Cook soup.

There are many types of anemia, which can be caused by malnutrition, or lack of iron, folic acid, B12, B6 and other nutrients. There are also different causes of hematopoietic dysfunction or excessive bleeding. Different causes have different treatment.Pregnant women are generally common with iron deficiency anemia. It is recommended to increase foods rich in hemin -rich iron, such as animal blood, liver, red meat, soybeans, black beans and soy products., Round pepper, tomato, rapeseed, broccoli and other foods rich in vitamin C.In addition, it is necessary to increase the intake of protein while avoiding drinking strong tea, coffee, cocoa or eating bamboo shoots, amaranth, excessive miscellaneous grains, etc.Due to the deficiency of folic acid, B12, B6, etc., corresponding foods are required, such as beans, green leafy vegetables, asparagus, internal organs, meat, etc.No matter which type of anemia belongs to, severe cases need to be corrected.

If there are low blood pressure in the early pregnancy, you need to eliminate diseases and bad habits, such as unreasonable weight loss and diet.Low blood pressure is related to physical deficiency performance such as qi deficiency, blood deficiency, and lack of qi and blood.Tangshui can use codonopsis, raw sun ginseng, Beiqi and other qi supplement medicinal materials, with wolfberry, yellow essence and other blood supplementing yin medicinal materials to cook soup.

Taken together, this reader can follow the principles of strengthening the spleen and qi, nourishing blood and nourishing blood, such as the prince ginseng lotus seed lily stewed meat, five -finger peach Poria cooked chicken, red -dressed peanut stewed chicken feet, walnut black bean spine, Codonopsis, CodonopsisWolfberry pot quail can be tried.

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