What should I do after the endometrium?Can I still get pregnant?How to avoid?Chinese medicine experts tell you all

Women during pregnancy must be no stranger to the word endometrium.Whether it is natural pregnancy or artificial auxiliary conception, the thickness of the endometrium will affect the embryo bed. So, what kind of endometrium is suitable for conception?Is your uterine endometrium thin?

Is your uterine endometrium okay?

If high -quality fertilized eggs are compared to "seeds", the endometrium is the most important "soil" of seed rooting and germination.If you want to succeed in pregnancy, you are not just "good seeds", but more importantly, there must be "fertile soil".So if you want to get pregnant, you need to pay attention to the endometrium.

How to simply test the endometrium, for this reason, the editor specifically asked the chief physician Wang Chunxiang, the thirteen party of Ciyuan.

The chief physician of Wang Chunxiang summarizes the following points:

Generally speaking, the endometrium is too thin or too thick, and the menstruation will occur abnormal.

1. The amount of menstrual flow is small, the menstrual period is short, and even the bit is clean,

2. Some women will be accompanied by symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, dizziness, palpitations, and chilling.

3. Some women even have amenorrhea.

How much is the thickness of the endometrium suitable for pregnancy?

Director Wang Chunxiang prompts that vaginal B -ultrasound is the simplest and most effective way to know the endometrium.

"Uterine endometrium" is a diagnosis of imaging.The thickness of the endometrium changes with the cycle of the ovaries. The endometrium is the thinnest when the menstruation is clean and the thickest before menstruation.For those with endometrial endometrial, if the endometrium is thin, it is recommended to check before menstruation, and those with thick endometrium are recommended to check after menstruation.

Under normal circumstances, the thickness of the endometrium suitable for conception is between 8mm-14mm, and the best conception thickness is: 9mm-12mm.

The thickness of the endometrium, whether it is too thin or too thick, is not conducive to the embryo bed.Before ovulation, the thickness of the endometrium is less than 7mm or more than 15mm. It will affect pregnancy.

So what causes the endometrium of the uterine? Director Wang Chunxiang summarizes the following:

1. Endocrine disorders

Women’s emotions have a great impact on the endometrium. Long -term tension and concerns often cause endocrine disorders, which affects the thickness of the endometrium. Therefore, maintaining a healthy and positive mentality is greatly helpful for normal endometrium thickness.

2. Abortion curettage causes damage to the endometrium

The irregular abortion is particularly damaged to the endometrium. If the middle layer is damaged, the impact is not great, but the bottom layer will be damaged, then the consequences will be more serious and it will easily cause habitual abortion and even infertility.

3. Uterine endometrial lesions

Many uterine diseases can also lead to thinning endometrium. For example, women have endometrial polyps, endometritis, etc.Make the endometrium thinner and thinner.

4. Age

In addition to affecting the quality of eggs, an important independent influencing factor in the thin endometrium, the thickness of the endometrium is negatively related to the age factors.

So can I still get pregnant with thin uterine endometrium?

Director Wang Chunxiang told all female friends that pregnancy is okay, but please protect your uterus ~

The endometrium is the foundation of the fertilized egg security house. If the endometrium is thin, the land is like barren land, it is difficult to bed in fertilized eggs or because the blastocyst does not get enough nutrition to cause miscarriage.

The endometrium of women at the age of fertility falls off without reaching normal thickness, causing menstrual disorders, and thinner endometrium will affect infertility.

However, there is no need to worry about the thickness of the endometrium in the uterine endometrium without natural abortion and infertility.In the absence of any symptoms, it is found that the endometrium is thin without clinical significance, and there is no need to grow the endometrium before pregnancy.

How to avoid the endometrium?Director Wang Chunxiang must pay attention to the following three points:

1. Women who have no family planning must learn to contraception

Enhance sexual knowledge and contraception common sense to avoid repeated harm endometrium; in addition, the endometrium caused by artificial abortion generally requires a long time to recover, and some patients cannot even recover. Therefore, the patients are particularly reminded that once the menstruation does not come on schedule after the abortion, the menstruation does not come on schedule.Be sure to check the doctor.

2. Gynecological inflammation should be found early and early treatment

Avoid inflammatory uplifting infections.The endometrium is often on women with multiple abortion, insufficient estrogen, and weakness, so if you belong to such people, pay more attention.

Third: It is necessary to get effective inspection and treatment in time

Generally speaking, it is difficult to find that the endometrium is thin. In clinical practice, it usually uses an overcast (vaginal B -ultrasound) examination. Therefore, when women have symptoms of inexplicable menstruation, they must go to a regular hospital for examination.

If you also have endometrial problems or more women’s health problems, please leave a message.If you have a disease, solve it for you!

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