What magical fetal dreams do you have during pregnancy?

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What magical fetal dreams do you have during pregnancy?

My mother made a baby dream when I was pregnant with my grandmother’s house next door to my grandmother’s house and opened it. I am a girl.

When I was pregnant, I always dreamed of a lion. I dreamed that the lion was lying on the mouth of my building the day before birth. I also told me where to run. I gave birth to a boy the next day [呲 呲]

When I was pregnant, I dreamed of two snakes (a big black python, a small fine white snake), and the black python wanted to bite me. I ran away. The little snake liked to play with me, so I left it.Then I gave birth to my girl. Now I am more than three years old. I feel a bit sorry.

One day for the first month of pregnancy, I was sleeping. I dreamed that a middle -aged woman came to my bed holding her child and said to me: This little girl has been crying and crying. I don’t help you watch it.I reached out and hugged the child. My husband said beside him that my daughter was so beautiful.After waking up, I was aggressive, because I was pregnant half a year ago without abortion, and I couldn’t get out of sadness.Suciting the doctor’s advice within half a year of contraception, and suddenly this dream of this month, I knew that my child was coming back. Sure enough, I was pregnant in the month. The second year had a big eye and double eyelid baby baby, and she was super crying.

Previously, there was a precursor to abortion, preserving the fetus, and pumping a blood test ketone once every three days. Each time it was about 12. All doctors suggested that I flow, and there is no need to protect it.I insist on it myself.During the day, I just closed my eyes and closed my eyes. In fact, my mind was clear and did not fall asleep.It feels like a dream in a dream. The door is open, and there is a sunny boy like a soul. Wearing a white shirt, he looks particularly beautiful, grinning to me, and then entering my belly like an attachment.I opened my eyes and firmly knew that the fetus was kept, and it was still a boy.After going to the birth check, the placenta can already secrete progesterone. The progesterone is normal.

Before I was pregnant, I dreamed that I was holding the twin in my hand, and I called me my mother. I really became pregnant soon. I dreamed that I had a gang guy again a few night ago [呲 呲] [呲 呲 怀 怀Teeth] Men and women are good, and those who are healthy and healthy are content.

Dreaming of peanut peanuts before pregnancy, dreaming of having a son, my husband dreamed that many snakes surrounded him. The due date was May next year. I don’t know if it was a daughter or a son.

I dreamed that I wanted to spend, and my husband went to the garden to dig a.Dreaming that I grabbed a little black snake, I grabbed the snake head hard, and the snake opened my mouth, scaring me, and hurried away!B ultrasound is female treasure

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