What kind of oral problems do women need to pay attention to during pregnancy?

Frequent women’s toothache during pregnancy is unbearable, but after coming to Dental Hospital, because they are pregnant, they cannot be easily treated. Many treatment measures are restricted, and even some treatment methods cannot be carried out.In addition, dental diseases themselves also have an impact on pregnant women and fetal health, especially oral diseases such as periodontitis and dental caries.So, what oral problems should women pay attention to during pregnancy?

1. Dental caries: There are generally no pain in the early stage of dental caries, and it is not easy to find.When the pain is obvious, it has often developed to the stage of deep caries or pulpitis.If caries are painful during pregnancy, it will not only affect pregnant mothers to eat, but also affect the nutritional absorption of the fetus.

Suggestion: Oral examination should be performed before pregnancy. If there are dental caries, it should be supplemented in time.At the same time, women should pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy and clean oral cleaning.

2. Periodontal disease: Because the estrogen and luteal ketone in the body are elevated after pregnancy, it is easy to cause periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.If the pregnant mother has a periodontal problem before pregnancy, the situation will gradually increase with the increase of the pregnancy week, and the symptoms of swelling gums and bleeding will be accompanied by the entire pregnancy.In addition, women’s dietary habits have changed during pregnancy, and the number of meals has increased, which also puts some pressure on oral hygiene, which can easily cause plaque and calculus to increase, increase the chance of periodontal disease.

Suggestion: It is best to perform oral examination during pregnancy, and there are problems with problems early.Do a good job of oral cleaning during pregnancy, master the correct way to brush your teeth, and use dental floss to rinse your mouth after meals.

3. Smart teeth: Similarly, hormone levels during pregnancy, changes in diet structure, wisdom teeth, especially obstructing wisdom teeth, can easily cause wisdom tooth crown inflammation.The wisdom tooth crown Zhou Yan not only is unbearable, but also may cause swelling of the face, limited mouth, difficulty swallowing, fever, chills, etc. In severe cases, it may also cause fistula and gap infection.

Suggestions: Before pregnancy and during pregnancy, go to the dental hospital for examination in advance. If you have wisdom teeth, you need to remove it as soon as possible.If you have not been removed in time, you should pay attention to oral hygiene during pregnancy, especially the wisdom teeth. Brushing your teeth must be brushed in place and develop a good habit of rinse after meals.

Pregnancy is a peak period for the onset of oral diseases, and oral diseases are harmful to pregnant women and fetuses themselves.Therefore, it is recommended that women who are preparing for pregnancy must have an oral examination in advance to solve the oral problems that can be solved and actively treat oral diseases.If women who are pregnant have oral diseases, timely consultation and treatment measures to prevent the worsening of the disease and harm physical health.

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