What kind of medicine is good for the neck and arms to be red and swollen if it is scratched without a reason.

The neck and arms are red and swollen when itchy. This symptom occurs, which is roughly suffering from urticaria.Urticaria is often caused by local edema and inflammation caused by external stimuli. The clinical symptoms are manifested as a rash of different sizes. It quickly disappears, itching exacerbates, leaving no traces after disappearing, and repeated proliferation.

Recently, a woman in her 30s has been suffering from urticaria for more than one year and seek medical treatment everywhere, but the condition has always been repeatedly exacerbated.After the introduction, I found me. I learned that I had a history of cervical cancer, surgery, and chemotherapy, and my hair had fallen thinly.

Not long ago, I suffered from urticaria. The neck and arms were itchy. They were red and swollen, and sometimes they had urine incontinence, and their limbs were sore.

After the fourth diagnosis, I think her urticaria is mainly caused by the disagreement of the camp, and the urination incontinence, hair loss, etc. are all related to surgery, so I decided to take Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Acupuncture points will choose acupoints such as Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Guan Yuan, Qihai, and adjust the muscles and nerves of the lower abdomen such as the knee joint, pelvic cavity, and reduce the damage caused by the original surgery.At the same time, with acupuncture points such as thorns, Quchi, Waiguan, Sanyinjiao, etc., the body’s immunity is increased.

After 3 weeks of treatment, the patient’s urticaria was obviously relieved, and there was basically no itch.

Urban also began to be conscious.After January, urticaria has basically disappeared, and it can take thousands of steps a day. Unlike it, it can only take a few steps a day.

Urticaria is easy to judge, but it is difficult to treat. One of the difficulties is its complexity.Personal differences and patients with different diseases. If each disease is treated separately, patients need to go to different types of departments.

Like this patient, there are not only urticaria, but also postoperative symptoms and joint pain. These are different of the department categories in western medicine. The time and money spent are doubled.At this time, the overall treatment of Chinese medicine and dialectical theory is very suitable for choice.

People are an organic whole. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the occurrence of diseases is closely related to the uncoordinated internal organs of the five internal organs. The purpose of the treatment is to adjust the inadequate coordination to the coordinated balance.

And the occurrence of any disease does not exist in isolation, but caused by the uncoordinated body.Therefore, the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is not to see the disease and treat the disease, but the overall overall conditioning, not the "headache medical head, foot pain medicine".

As long as the syndrome differentiation is correct, patients with urticaria are patiently taking medicine for treatment, and the overall body ability is enhanced. It is believed that the disease can be recovered as soon as possible.

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