What kind of fruit is good for pregnancy?You can try these 4 kinds of fruits, but your mouth is healthy

Women go to the hospital for examination and determine that they should take good care of their bodies after they are pregnant.Not only do you need to go to the hospital for a good pre -pregnancy examination in time according to the doctor’s entrustment, you can also eat more healthy food to condition your body.Fresh fruit is a good choice, but don’t eat too much at one time.Of course, everyone’s physical fitness is different, and the choice of fruit is different. Only eating fruits that suits them can achieve a good conditioning effect.

What kind of fruit is good for pregnancy?details as follows:

1. Apple

Apple can achieve blood nourishing the brain. It also contains very rich iron and phosphorus, which is easily absorbed by the body.Apple contains a variety of vitamins and lipids, and the content of cellulose is also very high, which can make the fetal brain develop better.The memory of children can also be stronger after birth. During pregnancy, women should eat some properly.

Second, kiwi

Kiwi is a good nourishing food for women who are just pregnant, especially if conditions permitted in the early stages of pregnancy, you can eat some kiwi frequently.However, if the stomach is relatively cold, you need to eat cautiously. Patients who often diarrhea or frequent urination cannot be eaten.

Third, cherry

Cherry contains very rich iron elements, which is much higher than orange, apple, and pear.In addition, cherries also contain citric acid, vitamins and carotene.Eating more cherries can also regulate the stomach and supplement the blood needed by the body.If pregnant women have no appetite, they should eat more cherry, which can make the fetus better.

Fourth, strawberry

Strawberries contain vitamin B1, vitamin B2, carotene, and amino acids, which can prevent cold diseases.The organic acid and pectin components contained in strawberries are also very rich, which can make the gastrointestinal tract peristalsis faster, and it can also make the child’s growth and development rate better.Studies have found that some nutrients in strawberries can also effectively remove heavy metals in the body.

In short, women can eat more fruits on their bodies as soon as they are pregnant.Eating more fruits that are good for the body can achieve a good nourishing body effect. Not only can the pregnant woman’s own health, it can also promote the better growth and development of the fetus.In addition to the above fruits, you can also eat more grapes and grapefruit. The vitamin content contained in these fruits is also very high, which can make the fetus develop better.

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