What kind of folic acid to choose?Don’t be superstitious "the more expensive the better"

Today, the concept of taking folic acid tablets before and after pregnancy has become more and more popular, but when we face various products in the market, how can we choose to be really reliable?

In most people’s cognition, one penny is more expensive.Even when choosing folic acid tablets, you will subconsciously pay more attention to the expensive one.

Is it better to buy folic acid tablets?

Cheap folic acid is actually a drug, which is simple folic acid. The pricing is controlled by the state and has high quality requirements.In addition to the ingredients of folic acid, expensive folic acid will also add nutrients such as other vitamins and minerals, that is, composite folic acid, which is regarded as health care products.The price is high, and the control effect in the producer is not so strict compared to drug folic acid.

In response to the current health status of pregnant women in China, the Chinese Nutrition Society’s Maternal and Child Nutrition Branch recommended that the pregnant mother can take 400mg of folic acid daily during pregnancy.In other words, this cheap folic acid tablets around us can meet the needs of pregnant mothers for folic acid.

Everything must be appropriate. Our human body has a limited edition of folic acid. If you take too much folic acid, it will be derived from the human body with metabolism.

What will have an impact on taking folic acid?

1. Increase the probability of juice, affect the normal life and rest

Once an excessive folic acid is taken during pregnancy, the chance of the seizure of pregnant women will be greatly improved, affecting the daily life of pregnant women, and affecting their own health and fetal growth.

2. It affects zinc absorption, causing zinc deficiency of pregnant women and fetuses

For normal people, as long as you take more than 0.35mg every day, it may affect the absorption of zinc. The daily consumption of folic acid for pregnant women is 0.4 mg, which will occur in various conditions.Severe even cause nausea, bloating and even anorexia, which has an impact on pregnant women on the fetus.

3. Slowing fetal development and increasing the probability of low weight

In the growth and development of the fetus, the demand for folic acid is also appropriate. Excessive folic acid will exacerbate the delay of the fetal development and increase the possibility of low weight when the fetus is born. It can be said that taking folic acid is really counterproductive.

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