What kind of early pregnancy hard nuclear examination is?What about eating lutenone dizziness?##

Doctor Chen, can you find pregnancy eight days after the same room?

It is more likely to do homework during ovulation during ovulation, especially to do homework on ovulation day and before and after a few days.Not accurate enough.

Generally, after 6-7 days after fertilization, fertilized eggs are performed in bed. Boil formation of nourishing layer of cells. Nourishing lobe cells on the surface of fertilized eggs will secrete trace velvetic gonadotropin (HCG).HCG was detected in the liquid.Of course, at this time, the HCG value in the urine is not obvious, and it is often not detected with early pregnancy test strips. Therefore, if you want to know if you are pregnant early, you can only check the blood HCG value to judge. This is the hardest core. This is the hardest core.Check.

Human chorionic gonad hormone enters the mother blood about one week after the fertilization eggs, and enters the urine through blood circulation.And quickly increase until the 8-10 weeks of pregnancy, and then keep the concentration slowly reduced until birth.

Generally, after 7-10 days in the same room, check HCG to test HCG can test whether it is pregnant. Test it with early pregnancy test strips. Generally, you need to ovulate for 12-14 days to detect whether you are pregnant.

Doctor Chen, I dizzy after eating progesterone, is it normal?

Magnomone is a hormone drug. After taking it, the original menstrual cycle and endocrine function will be adjusted. It is often applied clinically.

When the luteum glue pills are taken orally, about 1-3 hours after taking the medicine, some people will dizziness. If some people are severely fainted, it is recommended to take progesterone before bedtime, which will reduce the symptoms.Menstruation will come about a week after stopping the drug.

Dizziness caused by progesterone generally disappears after stopping the medicine, and other adverse reactions will disappear naturally after stopping the drug

Don’t worry too much.If you need to eat progesterone too much because of your condition, you can replace it with other dosage forms.

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