What kind of beef should I eat when I get angry?

There are so many patent medicines containing the "beef and yellow" ingredients on the market. There are several types of "beef" in the name of the photophastin, such as Niuhuang Shangrai, Niuhuang detoxification pills, Niuhuang Qinghuo Wan, so what is the difference between them?Today, let’s take you to understand the ability of Niu Huang’s "family member".

Take you to know Niu Huang’s "Three Brothers"

Niuhuang Shangqing Pills consists of 19 flavor Chinese medicine (artificial beef yellow, mint, chrysanthemum, nepeta ear, Baiji, Chuanxiong, gardenia, yellow cypress, Huangpi, rhubarb, forsythia, Angelica, ground yellow, bellflower, licorice, licorice, licorice, licorice, licorice, licorice, licorice, Gypsum, Birin), used for headache dizziness, bare ears, sore throat, sore tongue, gum swelling and pain, dry stool.While clearing heat and diarrhea, it has a more prominent evacuation wind and heat, and has a good effect on wind heat headache and red eye.At the same time, it also has a more obvious effect of clearing heat and cooling blood, which is more suitable for patients with blood fever.

Niuhuang detoxification pills are composed of 8 flavors of Chinese medicine (artificial beef yellow, majestic yellow, gypsum, rhubarb, scutellaria baicalensis, bellflower, borneol, licorice), used for hot innerness, throat swelling and pain, sore tongue, red eyes swelling, eyesight swellingpain.While clearing heat and diarrhea, because it contains majestic yellow, it has a more prominent heat -clearing and detoxifying effect, but patients with liver and kidney dysfunction are used with caution.

Niuhuang Qinghuo Pills consist of 9 flavors of Chinese medicine (rhubarb, scutellaria baicalensis, benign, beef, borneol, lilac, yam, majestic, mint brain), which is used for liver and stomach and lung fever, dizziness caused by liver and stomach lungs.Toothache, swelling of throat, blush and swelling, tinnitus swelling and pain, equivalent to the small Niuhuang Shangqing pill.

It can be different from the treatment of fire.

Niuhuang Shangrai, Niuhuang Poison Pill, and Niuhuang Qinghuo Pills contain Niuhuang ingredients, all of which have the effect of clearing heat and diarrhea.Wait for the symptoms of "getting angry".However, due to the different composition of their medicine, the effect characteristics and contraindications are different, and the focus of treatment is also different.

In simple terms, Niuhuang Shangrai and Niuhuang Qinghuo Pills are biased to clear heat and evacuate wind heat, and are suitable for dizziness red patients; while Niuhuang detoxification pills are pure heat clearing and detoxifying.From the perspective of safety, Niuhuang detoxification pills and Niuhuang Qinghuo pills contain minerals of minerals, and patients with liver and kidney dysfunction should not be taken with caution. It is not advisable to take it for a long time.At the same time, all varieties are medicinal and cold, and contains rhinoplasty -like laxatives such as rhubarb and faulty leaves, which should not be taken for a long time.

Try food therapy for daily fire qi

Usually we call "getting angry", which is generally mild, and is mostly mild in traditional Chinese medicine heat syndrome. For example, the eyes are red and swollen, corners, yellowing, toothache, and throat throat.This situation may be caused by high work pressure, often staying up late, eating spicy food, etc., you can eat some frozen foods, such as mung beans, bitter gourd, winter melon, white radish, barley, lotus seeds, etc. Fruits include watermelon, pear, black plums.

In addition, you can also cooperate with Chinese medicine cupping, massage, massage, acupuncture and other therapies.Pay attention to drinking more water, combine work and rest, and maintain an optimistic and positive attitude towards life.

However, if the heat certificate occurs is heavier, if the bacterial or virus infection is combined, it is still recommended to use antibacterial or antiviral drugs for treatment. It can also assist the use of Chinese medicines that reduce fire. It cannot be solved by food therapy.

Text/Wang Zihui (Beijing Chaoyang Hospital)

Source: Beijing Youth Daily

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