What is the situation of bleeding during ovulation?

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Most of the bleeding during ovulation is normal.Because the estrogen level will decrease significantly after the follicle mature ovulation, the lower estrogen levels of individual women cannot maintain endometrial growth, causing the endometrium to fall off, which will cause a small amount of breakthrough bleeding.With the formation of luteal after ovulation, the luteal secretes female and progesterone, which will soon repair the endometrium and change the endometrium to the hyperplasia period. The endometrium can be thickened and repaired and the bleeding stops.

The general manifestations of bleeding during ovulation

1. The duration of vaginal bleeding visible to the naked eye can last for a few hours, but it rarely reaches more than 7 days.Some ovulation during ovulation, the amount of bleeding is very small, the point is clean, or the blood is used for the middle of the belt. Generally, the menstrual flow is rarely reached.

2. It can be accompanied by lower abdomen pain or pain or pain or pain, and even involves the waist bone and inner side of the stock.

3. It can occur continuously or once a month every month. Some people occur in several months each year, and some people only have this phenomenon in their lives.

If the ovulation bleeding lasts less than 7 days, there is no endlessness, and there is no pain that is equal to dysmenorrhea, it is basically normal.

This should be done after ovulation bleeding:

1. Understand the physiology of the ovulation period, pay attention to maintaining mental pleasure during ovulation, avoid mental stimulation and emotional fluctuations, pay attention to keep warm, avoid cold stimulation, and avoid overwork.

2. Master the cause of ovulation bleeding, pay attention to hygiene during ovulation, prevent infection, and pay attention to the hygiene cleaning of external genitals. The bleeding period must not have sexual life.

3. During the ovulation period, we should wear soft, cotton, and have good ventilation and breathable underwear. You should wash them frequently.

4. It is not advisable to eat irritating foods such as cold, hot and sour during ovulation, drink more water to keep the stool unobstructed.

Identification with the following diseases

1. Cervical lesions

A small amount of vaginal bleeding can also occur in cervical lesions, but this bleeding occurs mostly after the same house or gynecological examination, and there is no law that accompanies the seizure of the menstrual cycle. The cervical TCT examination can be identified.

2. Endometrial polyps, lower mucosal fibroids

Patients with vaginal bleeding often occur in the menstrual period, resulting in extension of menstrual periods, unclean, and can be accompanied by abdominal pain. Pelvic B -ultrasound shows that the endometrium has polypy meat -like changes or submucosal fibroids.

3. Menstruation frequency

The menstrual cycle is short, which is different from the ovulation bleeding. It is less than once or less at once. The shortened menstrual cycle of ovulation testing will occur in advance.

Bleeding during ovulation generally occurs occasionally, and the amount of bleeding is small. Some are only brown secretions. Most of them can stop at themselves in 2 to 3 days.For women with continuous ovulation bleeding, due to ovulation, they usually interfere with conception. Corresponding measures are required after eliminating other diseases.

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