What is the itching below the woman?is it serious?The reason will be listed for you, and you check for self -check

Many women are more concerned about their own health, but for some abnormalities, because they feel embarrassed or embarrassed, some women do not go to the doctor in time, and some may feel that they are just small problems. There is no need to run the hospital.Itching is a common situation.

For itching, many women generally do not take the initiative to mention it with others. When others ask, they may not say.At this time, some women regardless of them, and they feel that they should eat lightly recently. Some women will buy and clean products by themselves. They feel that they will be cleaned a few times.But in the end, it is not the same as what you think. Itching has not been relieved well.

What the hell is going on?Are gynecological diseases making trouble?Is it strict?what to do?Today, I will talk to you about this article. Female friends may wish to understand it early. If necessary, you should seek medical treatment in time. Do not pay attention to the problem seriously.

Let’s talk about non -pathological factor:

This may be related to some of women’s usual habits. For example, the clothes you wear are not very good, the skin is stimulated, causing itching.

For example, during menstruation, they did not change sanitary napkins in time, or poor materials, or did not clean their underwear in time, especially when they were dirty, it was easier to breed bacteria, which would also affect skin health and cause itching.

It may also be a bad thing for themselves. Some women are because they pay attention to cleanliness, so they will be cleaned every day, and they will also use some pussy washing fluids to feel that this will be cleaner.But in fact, this is easy to destroy the flora of the human body’s own balance. This balance is destroyed, and the pathogenic bacteria may be easily invaded, and it is easy to cause itching and other discomfort.

If it is related to these reasons, it is generally not serious, no special treatment is required, and the bad habits are changed in time, wearing comfortable clothing, paying attention to hygiene during the period, and usual reasonable cleaning, or it can be relieved.

Gynecological inflammation

In gynecological diseases, inflammation is a type of high incidence, the skin is affected, and itching will occur.Not only that, it is often accompanied by discomfort such as pain, increased secretions, or abnormal colors.

There are different types of inflammation. The types are different. The method of response is different. I would like to remind female friends not to use the medicine by themselves, and the right medicine is useful.Sex ④ seniority.To seek medical treatment first, determine what kind of situation is, and then intervene in the symptoms.

skin disease

Itching is a typical manifestation of skin diseases, such as vulva and eczema. In addition, it may also be accompanied by redness.

For skin problems, remind everyone not to apply ointment by themselves, such as erythromycin ointment that is regarded as "magic medicine" by many people. It is not suitable for all skin diseases, and it is not suitable for long -term use.

Pubic lice

It and head lice are lice disease. It grows this kind of small bug. Itching is also a typical manifestation, and it is mostly itchy and unbearable.

Lice disease was more common decades ago. At that time, people’s hygiene conditions were limited, and now some people’s presidents, in addition to not paying attention to this, are also related to a very important reason: it will contagiousmain method.

Genital warts

This problem may also cause itching and pain, and it can also spread it, sexual contact, and indirect transmission of contaminated items such as bath towels and towels.

However, if this is the case, it is usually accompanied by other obvious performances, such as small pimples on the skin. Over time, it will become larger or more, which is a cock -like or cauliflower -like.

If itching is related to these reasons, then women should pay more attention and take targeted measures to intervene in time to improve discomfort.

No matter which one of these problems, it is recommended that women do not drag, let alone scratch, and do not use medicines by themselves. They should seek medical examination in time. According to the cause, take medicine treatment and external drug treatment under the guidance of the doctor.Or other therapies.

In addition, you should also pay attention to developing good living habits during the treatment, especially diet and personal hygiene cleaning, and pay more attention.In diet, do not eat spicy food during the period, so as not to aggravate discomfort, affect the treatment effect, clean, do not excessive, reasonable.

For infectious diseases, you should also pay attention to blocking and spreading. Do not share baths such as towels with your family.If you have pubic lice, it is necessary to eliminate pubic hair so that it cannot continue to reproduce, which is conducive to treatment.

Finally, I also hope that women should adjust their mentality and not scare themselves. Many times, the problems that occur are not terrible. The terrible thing is their own mentality.Regardless of itching or other discomfort, it is not advisable to taboo diseases and doctors. When you find small problems, intervene in time to avoid dragging big trouble.

The above is the relevant content of itching. Through the understanding of the entire article, I believe that female friends already know many reasons that cause itching. Take a look at your own situation and check them one by one.Especially at the same time, it is accompanied by other discomfort, and it must be paid more attention to it. Check it early.

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