What is the impact of the pregnant woman who is about to give birth in the new crown epidemic?

Many women have heard that pregnancy shooting CT will cause great harm to the fetus, so even if there is a little condition during pregnancy, they are unwilling to shoot this CT.In fact, shooting CT does have a bad impact on the fetus, so how much is the harm of shooting CT?Under the new crown epidemic, can pregnant women do a CT examination?

How big is the harm of pregnancy to take CT

1. If a pregnant woman who is three months before pregnancy, if a CT examination is performed, it will affect the normal development of the fetus.This period is a critical period for the development of embryo organs, and it is also a very fragile period. The embryo is extremely sensitive to various harmful factors.Receive radiation in the early stages of fetal growth can cause fetal growth.

2. After the second trimester, most organs of the fetus have basically formed, and radiation damage rarely causes obvious appearance malformations. However, during this period, the fetal’s reproductive system, teeth, and central nervous systemThe consequences of low intelligence.

3.cT examination is yes on the body’s radiation damage. If pregnant women are next to the machine, pregnant women and babies will receive radiation at the same time.The smaller the gestational weeks, the greater the damage they suffer, the more serious the adverse impact on the baby.

How long can CT radiation be eliminated

When checking the body, only the scanner can generate the rays. When the inspection is over, the ray will disappear instantly when the machine is turned off.However, it has a long -term ionization effect on human body.If the ionization is destroyed, it will increase the probability of a person’s cancer.Under normal circumstances, if a CT examination is done, the human body needs to be completely eliminated after three to six months to completely eliminate the radiation they suffer.

The main reason for the harm of CT to the fetus is that CT will generate radiation, and pregnant women cannot contact radiation at close range, because radiation may cause the fetal development to be hindered.Therefore, Xiaobian wants to emphasize here again. If pregnant women and friends need to check during pregnancy, they must try to avoid the CT examination. If you have to do it, you must do it as soon as possible and tell the doctor that he is a pregnant woman.

Therefore, it is not possible to do it in less than expected. It is not recommended to do a CT examination during pregnancy!Of course, everything is not determined. Not every child born to a pregnant woman who has done CT is a problem. Is there any problem with children? For example, parents’ genetic genes, CT radiation, fetal tolerance, etc.Related, if you do this check before the monthly delivery, the organs of the fetus have matured. At this time, CT should be fine!This requires the doctor and patients to consider specifically according to the situation at the time!

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