What is the failure of 5 pounds of celery for 66,000 yuan?

Recently, the news about a vegetable and oil shop in Yulin City, Shaanxi was fined 66,000 yuan for unqualified celery, which caused widespread concern in society.Some netizens asked questions, what are the reasons and basis for these celery?

China Quality Daily reporter determined through various verifications of multiple parties. The reason for the unqualified celery sold by this vegetable and grain shop is to detect the content of poisonous and deadly.) The content of celery poisonous death is more than doubled (the limit value is ≤0.05mg/kg).

So, what is poisonous death?

Poisonous crickets, also known as clubne phosphorus, are organic phosphorus pesticides, which are mainly used to prevent and control diseases such as termites, mosquitoes, and tapeworms.

Poisonous cricket belongs to medium toxic pesticides. Studies have found that even contact with a small amount of poisonous death can cause a variety of symptoms, including runny nose, drooling, tears, headaches, dizziness, and nausea.These symptoms may occur within 24 ~ 48 hours after contact.However, with the extension of contact time, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal colic, weakness, tremor, muscle convulsions, coordinated loss, and loss of vision may occur; in extreme cases, it may occur in breathing difficulties, coma, and even paralysis.

Studies have shown that young people are more sensitive to poisonous death compared to adults.Some epidemiological studies have shown that during pregnancy or early childhood exposure to poisonous deaths is related to low birth weight and neurological disorder.

In accordance with the "Agricultural Management Regulations", the Agricultural authorities of the State Council found that the registered pesticides have serious or greater risks that have registered pesticides for agriculture, forestry, human and animal safety, agricultural quality and safety, and ecological environment, and shall decide or restrict the use and announce it.In December 2013, in view of the toxicity and residual problems of poisonous death, the Ministry of Agriculture issued Announcement 2032 clearly that from December 31, 2016, the use of poisonous deaths from vegetable planting.

In fact, countries around the world have recognized the great harm of poisonous deaths to the human body and the environment and strictly restricting its use.The United States has completely banned the use of poisonous and deadly agricultural purposes.The EU Examination Committee of EU persistent organic pollutants (POPS) stated that, in view of the inheritance of poisonous dysentery, it has persistent pollution, biological cumulative potential, and toxicity for aquatic organisms and land animals (including humans), and is generally general in environmental media including remote areasExistence, it is determined that the use of poisonous death may have a significant adverse effect on human health and environment.

In summary, poisonous death is not an ordinary pesticide.In terms of toxicity, there is a direct threat to human health; in terms of use, it belongs to the agricultural sector in my country to ban the pesticides used in vegetable planting.

So, is the detection of poisonous deaths exceeding the standard, is it the general agricultural residue in the general sense exceeding the standard?

The Explanation of the Supreme People’s Court’s Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the Supreme People’s Court on the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on the Application of Laws for the Disabled Food Safety Criminal Cases "is clear ——

"Disable pesticides announced by the relevant departments of the State Council" belongs to "toxic and harmful non -food raw materials"!

In the process of edible agricultural product planting, breeding, sales, transportation, storage, etc., if the disabled of pesticides is used, the crime of guilty of toxic and harmful food shall be punished!

In other words, the use of poisonous death in vegetable planting, as using malachite green in aquaculture, uses the nature of "lean meat" in pigs, cattle, and sheep.Severe punishment harmful food safety criminal behavior.

The reporter found that at present, many people’s courts in Xinjiang, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places have made many decisions of conviction and punishment for vegetable growers who deliberately used poisonous and deadly to produce toxic and harmful food.

The people take food as the sky

Food safety is greater than the sky

Source: China Quality News

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