What is the eleven weeks of pregnancy?

I believe that expectant mothers are very curious about the time period of pregnancy. What kind of form is their child in the stomach? Regarding this, expectant mothers can look at the B -ultrasound during the checkup.However, the check -up is not performed every week, so I will talk to the expectant mother about what the fetus is like when she is 11 weeks pregnant.

By the eleven weeks of pregnancy, the height of the fetus will be almost 4 ~ 6 cm, and the weight is about 14 grams; at first glance, the child’s head occupies most of the space, which can be said to occupy the length of the length.Part; cheeks, jaws, eyes, face and auricular auricle are currently emerging, and the face has gradually become similar to the face; the tail completely disappears, and the eyes, fingers, and toes can be recognized very clearly; some bodyThe fine branches have also begun to develop: fingernails and fluffy hair have begun to appear.Because the baby’s skin is still transparent now, when checking, you can see the liver, ribs and subcutaneous blood vessels that the baby is formed very well.The heart, liver, and gastrointestinal are more developed, and the kidneys have begun to develop. The ureter has basically grown. These organs, including the brain and respiratory organs, have started working.Bone and joints are still developing.At the eleven weeks of pregnancy, the child’s limbs can already be free in the amniotic fluid: both hands can reach the face and do some small actions such as sucking and swallowing from time to time.Will make up the smell of the toes.The central nerves such as their spinal cord are already very developed, and you can see the outline of the fetal spine very clearly.At the end of this week, we can already know whether it is a boy or a girl.

The end of the eleven weeks of pregnancy represents the end of the first trimester. During this period, I believe everyone has found that they have "thickened their waist".The fetus has basically occupied your entire uterus. If you touch your pubic bone on the upper edge of your pubic bone, you can touch your uterus.Some expectant mothers may find a light -colored vertical line in the abdomen. This is the legendary stretch marks, which has no effect on health.

The enlarged uterus begins to oppress your bladder and rectum. The frequency of urination of expectant mothers has increased and the number of times has increased. It always feels uncleanly. This causes the expectant mothers to go to the toilet from time to time.Constipation or diarrhea caused by mental anxiety and unstable.The vaginal secretions will become more compared to the previous period, colorless or pale yellow, light brown, which are all reactions during pregnancy, which is normal.However, when the amount of secretions is very large, or if there is odor, it is best to go to the doctor immediately.

The eleventh week of pregnancy is a period of comprehensive and rapid development of the fetus. In the next 3 weeks, the child’s length will become twice as much as it is now.Therefore, expectant mothers must pay attention to their nutrition during this time to ensure the supply of nutrients such as protein, multiple vitamins, calcium, and iron.Because the baby’s bones are developing rapidly at this stage, the demand for calcium is also very large.Especially women with severe early pregnancy reactions usually pay more attention to the supplement of calcium and vitamin D. The daily calcium demand is about 800 mg.In daily life, expectant mothers are best to drink more milk, because milk has sufficient calcium in milk, which can promote the development of fetal bones.Eliminate edema and prevent hypertension during pregnancy.

From the eleven weeks of pregnancy, basically the early pregnancy response was not great. The expectant mothers had got rid of the problems of emotional fluctuations in the early stages of pregnancy, and physical discomfort, and gradually adapted to the changes in hormones and the body.Is your sleep quality more?Your appetite also seems to have recovered, and then you can enjoy the fun and happiness of giving birth to your baby.

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