What is the dream of being chased by a pig and running to indicate what heralds

For some reason, I have made a dream for several days in a row.Dreams have never had any logical and moral restrictions.

I dreamed that I could n’t find it for a long time.Dreaming of a big fire, dreaming of friends who were pregnant, dreaming of the dead relatives.I have dreamed of many events without logic.You can fly in the sky for a while, and then jump into the sky.The heart really feels like I was sitting in a roller coaster, full of weightlessness.

The nightmare you made is like watching a thriller.

But it is not all a terrible dream, but also some sweet dreams.Others call this spring dream. In reality, there are no boyfriends. The dreams have started to fight the cold war directly. The two are tired and crooked to others to sprinkle dog food.If you are disturbed at this moment, you can really crazy.Some dreams woke up halfway, wanted to continue to sleep, and then did it.

Think of the dream I had made last night, I was a little ashamed.Between the people with the object, ambiguous, and kept holding hands.I can’t see the man’s face, but just knows that he has the object, but the touch in the dream is the same as the temperature holding hands with people in reality.When I woke up, I felt that I was not very morally, and I thought about it in a blink of an eye. Do not blame myself.

There is never a sense of logic like dreams.

I have a habit, perhaps superstitious. Whenever I have a dream, I control him as a spring dream. The nightmare or the heart is tossed like a roller coaster. I always wake up and take a look at the mobile phone to check the browser.What dreams indicates what.

But whether it is good or bad, I will treat him well.Once there is an unfortunate sign, it is considered wrong and ignore it directly.

In the dream, I dreamed of being chased by a pig, and I was chased on the tree.The first thing to open the eyes is to touch the phone and open the browser.

[Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation Daquan]

"What does it mean to dream of being chased by a pig?"

The information coming out is a signs of good slippery, so don’t mention how happy this day.Of course, those bad ones can’t be seen as ever.

Sometimes I am curious, why do people dream and so real.Whether it is psychological activity or touch, it makes people wonder if they have experienced it when they wake up.In the dream, I crossed to another world.

Curious why dreaming, the search information said because of his own subconscious.

Well, maybe in my subconscious, I want to be chased by the pig.

Until now, there is no good explanation of dreams.Maybe it comes from your mood, or maybe from your brain and thought.

The dream from reality gives us a wonderful experience without logic.

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