What is the difference between abnormal abnormal abdominal pain and normal abdominal pain during pregnancy?2 tricks to teach you to distinguish!

The long -term birth road in October is not only a happy process and a painful process for pregnant mothers.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers always worry that they are not careful and cause damage to the baby. Therefore, many pregnant mothers are always stretching in their hearts, and they will be worried about their body discomfort.

Especially in the baby’s belly, it is the focus of the mother’s care. It is inevitable that there will be abdominal pain during pregnancy. Some are normal, but some are dangerous. How should pregnant mothers different?

Normal abdominal pain

1. Mild spasm in the abdomen

Most of these mild abdominal pain occur about the manifestation of fertilized eggs around one week after pregnancy.

2. Tightness and pain of the navel

This situation generally occurs in the second trimester. With the growth and development of the fetus, the uterus will increase, and the stomach of the pregnant mother will become larger. In this tight statePain.

3. Mild abdomen and pain

This situation mostly occurs in the third trimester, which is caused by fake contractions. The frequency of contractions is inconsistent. The interval may be a bit long, but irregular.

Abnormal abdominal pain

1. Evil pain on the side of the lower abdomen

This is probably due to the errors when the fertilized eggs are in bed, that is, ectopic pregnancy.In the early pregnancy, the pain is not very strong, but as the fetus grows, it will compress the fallopian tube and cause it to break.At this time, the pregnant mother’s lower abdomen will have a tearing pain, and at the same time, nausea, vomiting, and acceleration of heartbeat will occur.Therefore, the pregnant mother at 8-9 weeks after conception, remember to obtain a hospital for delivery to ensure the safety of the fetus.

2. Continuous abdominal pain, and vaginal bleeding

For example, pregnant mothers have pain, abdominal distension, vaginal bleeding, etc., and threatened abortion may occur. At this time, pregnant mothers must go to the hospital for medical treatment in time.

3. Pain like lower abdomen, and vaginal bleeding

If this happens, the pregnant mother is likely to be early peeling.The degree of pain will be affected by the early peeling area of the placenta. The larger the area of the placenta, the stronger the pain, and the more bleeding.In this case, pregnant mothers should seek medical treatment in time.

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