What is the diarrhea during pregnancy? This will threaten the baby’s health!

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Many expectant mothers said that after pregnancy, they had already paid great attention to their diet, but they always felt that the stomach was much more fragile than before. She accidentally diarrhea. Is it a baby protesting?Especially with the warming of the weather, there are more and more fruits, and it is really difficult to control your mouth.

Many people may feel just a trivial matter for diarrhea during pregnancy.Some expectant mothers believe that diarrhea during pregnancy is a big deal, and we must make it clear.

In fact, this attitude is correct. During pregnancy, diarrhea cannot be ignored. This will threaten the health of the baby.

Diagnosis during pregnancy is often caused by this

1. Bacterial infection: As the saying goes, the disease comes in from the mouth. Many times, there are bacteria in your hands and do not wash your hands in time. Then go to eat things, or wipe your mouth.It is easy to cause bacteria and viruses to be infected by digestive tract.Common pathogens include Salmonella, Chiga Dyntilicia, Candurbalobacteria, and Virus

2. Dietary problems: If you eat some deterioration, unclean or cold foods can easily cause gastrointestinal dysfunction, just like fish such as fish and other cold foods after pregnancy.At the same time, if the diet is not good, the overeating, and eating too much food, such as glutinous rice, can also cause diarrhea.

3. Cold abdomen: This may be a factor that many expectant mothers will not notice. In winter, clothes are worn less, or they often wait for the air -conditioned room but do not keep warm. In this way, once the belly is cold, it can easily cause intestinal motility to cause diarrhea.

4. Food allergies: Some expectant mothers may be allergic to some kinds of food. If they have lactose intolerance to drink milk, they are prone to diarrhea. Some expectant mothers are prone to diarrhea when drinking pregnant women’s milk powder.

5. Causes of other chronic diseases: such as thyroid disease, tuberculosis, colitis, etc.

During pregnancy, diarrhea is not a trivial matter, which will cause abortion seriously

Although diarrhea seems to be a trivial matter during pregnancy, it will affect the baby.When the mother -in -law diarrhea is too frequent, the water and electrolyte in the body will be lost in large quantities.It is prone to dehydration, affecting the baby’s nutrition absorption, and it is easy to make the baby’s malnutrition.

At the same time, the prospective mothers will promote the acceleration of intestinal peristalsis when diarrhea, and it is prone to the contraction of intestinal spasm and flatulence stimulation to the uterus, and it may even cause miscarriage, so don’t take diarrhea as one thing!

What should I do if my diarrhea is diarrhea during pregnancy?

1. Proper replenishment.After the diarrhea of expectant mothers, the first thing to do is to make appropriate replenishment to supplement the loss of moisture and electrolytes to prevent the body from dehydration.

2. Pay attention to rest and light diet.If it is just a slight diarrhea, the expectant mothers pay attention to rest and a light diet after replenishing the moisture.

3. Careful medication.When diarrhea occurs, the expectant mothers should not take the medicine by themselves. It is best to take the medicine when consulting the doctor.

4. Diarrhea worse to go to the hospital in time.If the expectant mothers have diarrhea for more than 48 hours, and high fever or severe dehydration, do not drag, go to the hospital for treatment in time.

Pay attention when you have diarrhea, you can eat or not, you can eat it at a glance

Don’t want to pull diarrhea, you have to do this during pregnancy

To prevent diarrhea during pregnancy, the expectant mother should do to pay attention to diet hygiene and develop good living habits.

1. Eat less heavy -flavored food during pregnancy. Pay attention to whether the food is fresh and clean. It should be cooked thoroughly. The taste should not be too heavy.

2. Find the source of diarrhea in time. After diarrhea, find the cause. If it is diarrhea caused by allergies of food, try to avoid eating as much as possible in the future.

3. Avoid cooling in the indoor and outdoor, especially after fatigue, the body’s immunity decreases more easily.

4. Keep your mood happily, and your mood is too tight and can cause diarrhea.

5. Temporary fasting when acute diarrhea occurs, so that the intestine can be rest, so as not to worsen the symptoms.

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