What is the chance of pregnancy?What is the cause of pregnancy?What should I do if I am pregnant during safety?

With the opening of people’s minds, the phenomenon of pre -marital sex between couples is becoming more and more common, but they often do not have a good understanding of sexual knowledge.Here I will give you a question that everyone is more interested -how much is the chance of pregnancy.

In most cases of safety, there are no ovulation. If you are pregnant during the safety period, most of them are due to accidental ovulation.

1. In the same room during the safety period, under normal circumstances, they will not be pregnant. Women’s menstrual cycle is stable. When it is not affected by other affected, 8 days before menstruation are generally a safe period.The closer to the first day of sexual behavior is safer, the more dangerous, the more dangerous, because the possibility of ovulation is positively related.

2. For women with inaccurate menstruation, how to calculate the safety period is a very difficult problem. In addition, women’s ovulation will be affected by many factors, such as advanced or after errors ovulation.It is impossible to estimate the safety period normally.In any case, the safety period does not mean absolute safety.If you don’t want to get pregnant, it is recommended that women actively take corresponding contraceptive measures, such as taking emergency contraceptives contraceptives or contraceptive contraceptives.

3. The safety period is relative. People with menstruation are generally less than 10%. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the chance of pregnancy is still relatively small, so there is no need to worry too much.

Since the chance of pregnancy is relatively small, what is the reason for the pregnancy period?Only by understanding the reasons for the safety period can the safe period of safety.

1. The prerequisite for the safety period is that menstruation is normal every month, and even if it is resigned for more than three days.The safety period is also divided into relative safety period and absolute safety period. Not all safety periods are the same. First of allIt is the 14th day of the next menstrual tide.The ovulation day is one day before and after, called the absolute danger period, and the first three days and the next three days, called a relatively dangerous period, 4 days before and after menstruation, belonging to the absolute safety period, and other dates belong to the relative safety period.

2. Under normal circumstances, the absolute safety period should not have the problem of pregnancy. The relatively safe period should be used in the relative safety period and dangerous period. Pay attention to the menstrual period. Do not sexually intercourse because of a momentary happiness. It is mainly that women are prone to various gynecological diseases.

3. Opinions and suggestions, if women usually do not have a particularly accurate menstruation, they often occur after often or come early and have a long time, and if the personal body and mental condition are stimulated by the outside world, the time for ovulation in advance or pushing ovulation mayIn the case of safety, no protective sexual behavior may lead to pregnancy.

Many women are caught off guard when they encounter safety during safety, for fear of problems.So what is the correct way to get pregnant during safety?

1. You need to conduct a psychological mediation. To a professional hospital, according to the doctor’s knowing the emotional solution, all pregnant women’s careful care is needed. Therefore, it is very risky to avoid pregnancy.The sooner you get medical care, the better, even if you dare not face the pressure of your parents, you should also tell your doctor.At this time, women are the most needed for doctors and psychological counseling. Professional psychologists need help to reduce anxiety, so that they can make a correct decision to help their health.

2. If this child is really unexpected, then artificial abortion should be performed as soon as possible as soon as possible. The smaller the child, the smaller the physical damage to the female friend.It will also be fast.If the monthly is too large, it needs to be induced, and this method will be very large to the physical damage of female friends, and it will affect future fertility.

3. Carefully treat the body after surgery.

(1) Women after artificial abortion should reduce physical activity, and there will be absolutely prohibited any strenuous exercise within three days.

(2) If there are increased vaginal bleeding, long -term vomiting or abdominal pain or high fever after surgery, you should immediately go to the hospital for medical treatment.

(3) After surgery, do not frequently use cotton strips within a month.

Since the risk of pregnancy is still relatively small, what is the safety period of the safe period?There are generally three methods for safety during the safe period:

1. The method of drawing the basic temperature table: The basic body temperature we call is the temperature detected before the human body does not perform any activity.In general, the basic body temperature of female friends is relatively low before ovulation, and it will rise after ovulation. The special change curve of this low -back body temperature is called a double phase in medicine.The type temperature curve is generally very accurate as the inference of the safety period.

2. Calculate the time for contraceptive formulas we can not conceive according to what we say.The calculation method is that the number of women’s menstrual cycles is equal to the last day of the safety period. If the shortest menstrual cycle assumes 32 days, then sexual life should be stopped on the eleventh day after menstruation. On the next dayWhen conceived, it may be high.

3. There are about three days before and after women’s menstruation. During this period, the vaginal dryness is also the safety period we often say. Generally, it is not easy to conceive.

Pregnant pregnancy will definitely make most women be caught off guard, so is there any precautions for the safe period of contraception?

1. Due to disease, it will cause changes in ovulation time for female friends, which is precisely the cause of pregnancy that causes pregnancy during safety, such as some diseases caused by endocrine disorders.If the safety period is used for contraception during this period, it may often lead to contraception failure.

2. Generally, the same room during menstruation will not lead to pregnancy, but there may also be an accidental ovulation, and it is necessary to emphasize that the menstrual period is very easy to cause infection. It is recommended to avoid sexual life in this period of time.

3. Women who are in the age of menopause, when there is still a small amount of bleeding in the vagina, try to start the same room on the fourth day after the bleeding stops. If this bleeding is caused by an ovulation, it may cause pregnancyThe problem.

4. If both men and women change from oral contraceptives to physiological contraception, be sure to pay attention to the occurrence of additional ovulation or irregular ovulation after stopping taking the pregnant pills.Therefore, the safety period should not be adopted as much as possible in the past few months.

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