What is the cause of brown liquid out of pregnancy?Come and see

What is the cause of brown liquid out of pregnancy?Come and see.

Moms during early pregnancy will have some normal physiological reactions, such as the menstruation of the time that should not come, that is, the menstruation, chills, dizziness, fatigue, drowsiness, lack of appetite, nausea, nausea, morning vomiting and other early pregnancy reactions; frequent urine frequency urine; Conscious breast tenderness, the nipples increase, and the nipples areola deeper; breastfeeding mothers are pregnant, and milk will decrease significantly.

The development of embryos is a magical and complex and fine process. In this process, any part of the process will be disturbed, which will cause embryo deformity and abortion. In addition, pregnancy drama vomiting and ectopic pregnancy will occur during early pregnancy (different levels of ectopic pregnancy (different levelsPregnancy), hydatidal, infection in infection in palace.

The brown liquid flows out, and even bleeds, indicating that there is a possibility of miscarriage, so be vigilant, do not walk around at will, seek medical treatment as soon as possible, keep tires or other treatment.

If the fetal development is abnormal, most of them are chromosomal abnormalities. There are data that 50-60%of the cases of abortion or fetal stop during early pregnancy are chromosomal abnormalities.If the brown secretion is found and is accompanied by stomach pain, you should go to the hospital for examination.

Ectopic pregnancy generally occurs in vaginal bleeding around 40 days of menopause, and most of them are accompanied by hidden pain, pain, and pain in the lower abdomen.At this time, urinary pregnancy examination can be positive, and the embryo sac that cannot be seen in the uterine cavity is not seen in the uterine cavity, and abnormal mass can often be found in the fallopian tube.

The brown blood duration in the early stages of pregnancy is long. Even if the brown liquid is at the beginning, it may become blood behind the brown liquid, and it may be a threatened abortion with abdominal pain or lower abdomen.

At this time, I have to go to the hospital, respect the doctor’s advice, rest in bed, and rest in the cave, reduce the stimulus of the uterus, keep a good mood without giving yourself too much pressure, and stay in the hospital if necessary.

The vaginal examination is mainly clear whether the brown secretion comes from the uterine cavity or the cervix. If the cervix has severe or cervical inflammation or cervical malignant lesions, a little vaginal bleeding may also occur, mixed with vaginal discharge, and the oxidation of the air in the air.Dark brown appears.If the brown secretion comes from the uterine cavity, then we need to consider whether it will be a precursor to miscarriage. The possibility of ectopic pregnancy. At this time, you need to check B -ultrasound, blood HCG and progesterone.

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