What is the cause of bleeding after a woman?Gynecologist: 6 kinds of situations should be distinguished

Talking about the topic of "intercourse", most people still have a taboo out of traditional concepts.Although with the development of modern society, people have greatly improved their own health, once this incident may indicate that there is a problem with the body, some people around us will still have a taboo and doctors.Under the cover, it will become more and more serious, and it may cause irreparable results.

In the case of the problem of bleeding in the same room in the same room, this is not uncommon for this situation. So does bleeding after the same room indicate that our body is not good?How should we deal with it?Regarding the problem of bleeding after the same room, let’s take a closer look together.

What are the causes of women who bleed after the same room?

Bleeding after a woman in the same room refers to the bleeding phenomenon of germ in vagina or vulva after sexual behavior.Under normal circumstances, the cause of bleeding after the same room is as follows.

1. Irregular physiological cycle

For women with irregular cycles, due to physiological disorders, it is very likely that the day of the same room is just in the menstrual period, so natural body bleeding will occur.

2. The body suffers from inflammation

If women have gynecological problems, vaginal hemorrhage is also prone to, and vaginitis, the mucosa itself is edema and congestion. Due to the motion friction of the same room, the female mucous membrane is easily damaged and the bleeding is caused.

3. Genital injury

When in the same room, due to improper posture or strong strength, it may also lead to damage to women’s vaginal mucosa, or tear wounds outside the vagina, causing bleeding in the body.

4. Unknown is pregnant

If a woman does not know that she is pregnant and has the same behavior of the same room, then early pregnancy bleeding may be a sign of warning, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

5. Medical external objects

For example, taking short -term contraceptives, one of its side effects is that it may cause vaginal bleeding, and there is a homes.However, it should be noted that if this is the case, frequent occurrence of bleeding due to short -term contraceptives, then this drug may not be suitable for taking it again.

6. Cervical problems

If a woman’s cervix occurs or has cervical polyps, it may also cause erosion and bleeding due to frequent friction in the same room.

How to deal with the bleeding after the same room

When we find our body bleeding, do not panic first, stabilize our emotions, first observe whether the bleeding is serious or not. If the amount of bleeding is large and cannot be controlled, you need to seek medical treatment immediately.If the problem is not serious, you can wash it with warm water and keep it dry and clean.

If the vaginal bleeding is caused by the vaginal bleeding caused by the vitality of the same room, the amount of bleeding is not large and there is no obvious trauma. Generally, the body will recover in about 2 weeks.If a severe tissue contusion or tearing wound occur, sewing treatment is needed to go to the hospital.

If it is a woman with gynecological inflammation, which is caused by gynecological inflammation, the inflammation should be treated first to eliminate the bleeding after the same room.

If bleeding occurs frequently after the same room, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, and cervical cancer may occur.You can go to the hospital for routine gynecological examinations, conduct TCT, HPV and other inspections, and find the situation early to prevent problems before.

The last thing I want to tell you is that if you are private, if it is related to our health, do n’t keep silent, and it ’s deep. In the face of the situation that makes yourself uncomfortable or violates his will, you can say loudly, and always remember to take your ourselves.Safety and health are placed in the primary position.

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