What is the "giant Yin disease" of women, will it affect the life and fertility of husband and wife?Listen to what the doctor says

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Xiao Chen and Xiao Zheng are a happy newly -married couple. From the love of school to marriage, it is a matter of pride for them, but this loving little couple has recently encountered a big event. They have no them.Methods to live in husband and wife!

At the beginning of this incident, when the two of them had just fell in love, Xiao Zheng was a more traditional girl. She understood that the sexual relationship was a behavior that men and women love each other, but she still wanted to take the best first first time for the first time.Stay on the wedding day.

Therefore, before getting married, Xiao Zheng and Xiao Chen did not take a step away except for hugging and kissing.

Now I finally received a certificate, held a wedding, and slept in a quilt. The couple were both looking forward to and excited about everything that happened, and then the complex emotions of this excitement and expectation were embarrassed.

In the process of the same room, Xiao Zheng performed very painful, and he couldn’t feel the happiness brought by sex at all. The influence of Xiao Chen was "disarmed" soon.

After the two of them tried several times, Xiao Zheng still couldn’t experience the happiness of sexual life, and would bleed every time. This made the two realize the seriousness of the matter and determined to go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment.After a detailed examination, I told Xiao Zheng: "You have giant yin disease."

What is the disease of giant Yin?Xiao Zheng felt very confused. She quickly picked up her mobile phone to search, but the search she searched was related to women’s "giant yin" affecting fertility. Xiao Zheng’s anxiety broke out at this moment.Can explain to yourself what the "giant yin" is and whether it will affect fertility.

In fact, many girls are like Xiao Zheng. After learning that they suffer from "giant yin", the first thing that pays attention to is whether they can still get married in the future?Is there any qualification to become a mother?

1. What is the degree of illness of the patient and whether there are regulatory treatment

"Giant Yin disease" is a disease brought from the mother’s fetus, which is essentially caused by insufficient secretion of adrenal corticosteroids. Patients need to take drugs that can promote the synthesis of adrenocorticoid synthesis, and most of them are mostly.Female patients only show the clitoris hypertrophy and did not show difficulties with their partner sexual life.

However, there are great individual differences between patients with giant yin. Generally speaking, "giant yin disease" is mild, moderate, and severe.

Some mild giant yin symptoms will only have symptoms of clitoral hypertrophy, which is no different from ordinary people. Patients with mild patients can live, pregnancy, and pregnancy as normal people as ordinary people.

Women with moderate diseases will have a greater impact on fertility. Even after timely treatment, they may affect fertility function, but this part of patients can still be pregnant and pregnant normally.

Patients like partial severe giant yin will definitely affect fertility. Their reproductive organs are seriously distorted and cannot be sexual life. Even after treatment, it takes a long time to take drugs to maintain hormone levels.After the treatment, you can get pregnant by artificial insemination.

2. How is the patient’s endometrium thickness

Some ordinary people will also have too thin uterine endometrium. Women with thin uterine endometrium may cause threatened abortion or natural abortion due to fertilized eggs after pregnancy.Women may also have a habitual abortion.

The doctor said that it is not to say that the endometrium is not pregnant. As long as women can ovulate normally, there is a chance of pregnancy, but the probability of women’s abortion in endometrium will be greater than.

3. Whether the patient exists in other complications

The reproductive system of some patients with giant yin disease will have the same urethral stenosis and fallopian tube stenosis at the same time, which may affect the normal pregnancy of women.

Existing other complications means that the difficulty of conceiving through the natural conception of the patients and wives of patients will be very difficult, but these patients are not unable to give birth. They can directly inject sperm into the uterine cavity by artificial fertilization and promote sperm and eggs.Combining can increase the probability of conception.

The doctor said that after examination, Xiao Zheng was only mild symptoms, and the impact on fertility was not great. So far, Xiao Zheng has rest assured that he is ready to maintain his body and work hard with Xiao Chen to have a dragon baby.

At the same time, she realized that she usually paid attention to hygiene, and her private life was very clean. When she graduated with Xiao Chen, she entered the palace of marriage. How could there be a problem of pussy hypertrophy?Why do you suffer from "giant yin"?

The doctor explained to Xiao Zheng that the so -called "giant yin disease" is a kind of clinical manifestation of congenital adrenaline hyperplasia. The main cause is that the enzymes necessary in the synthesis of adrenal corticosteroids have defects, which causes abnormal corticosteroid synthesisIt affects the development of reproductive organs.

This disease is not exclusive to women, and men also have a chance to get it, but there is no chance of women who have a high chance of getting sick.However, there are not a few patients who find problems after getting married like Xiao Zheng, because their parents lack these physiological knowledge and will neglect.

When the patients with "giant yin disease" are born, the reproductive organs will be seen a lot larger than their peers. Clinically, women’s masculine genitals will be shown in clinical practice, and men will show puberty.

Men with "giant Yin disease" will start to show signs of premature precocations in six months. By the age of four, the penis has been basically mature, which is no different from the reproductive organs of normal men.Symptoms will also appear faster, such as pubic hair, throat knot, and even muscles, which will start growing earlier than their peers.

If the above situation occurs, you must seek medical treatment in time. For young children, premature development will lead to premature bone fusion. It seems that height and weight are far more than ordinary children.Plusal to suffer from dwarf.

Women with "giant yin" will experience symptoms of clitoral hypertrophy after they are born. As the body develops normally, the clitoris will gradually increase, and some female patients will increase to the penis, evenIt may be larger than men of the same age. The shape of their labia are like scrotal, with masculine characteristics, which affects the growth of other female reproductive organs.

Female patients suffer from "giant yin" and can be traced back to the twelve weeks earlier. Generally speaking, the embryo can distinguish gender in twelve weeks. At this stage, women’s urethra and vaginal ports are separated, but they are inUnder the influence of excessiverogens, the urethra and vaginal port of very few fetuses have not been separated, that is, they will suffer from giant yin after birth.

As mentioned above, the main cause of "giant yin disease" is that the enzymes necessary in the synthesis of adrenal corticosteroids have defects, which causes abnormal corticosteroid synthesis. So what are these corticosteroids?

First of all, we must know that the regulation of adrenal glands through pituitary and hypothalamus will secrete cortisol and aldosterone. These two corticosterol, which are cortisols are glucocorticoids, metabolism and growth of fat protein and sugar.Hormones are generally used to adjust water and salt metabolism and electrolyte balance.

These two important corticosteroids require a variety of enzymes such as 21-hydroxylase or 11-hydroxylase to promote synthesis during the biological synthesis process. Therefore, once these two enzymes appear defects, they will cause synthetic obstacles, and then cause a series of seriesSymptoms, so "giant yin disease" can also be subdivided into three types: simply masculine, salt loss, and hypertension type

Among them, the lack of 21-hydroxylase type "giant yin disease" can also be called a simple masculine type. The number of patients in this type accounts for 90%to 95%of clinical cases, because such patients will increase adrenal cortex hormone in the body.Their main symptoms are skin pigmentation and severe color, and the color sinking in skin wrinkles and reproductive organs will be particularly obvious.

If 21 hydrocarbon lack is extremely serious, some patients will also have external genitals exactly like men, and a complete set of female genitalia will be retained inside, that is, there are two sets of reproductive systems of men and women. These patients often listen to news in news news.The "bisexual".

The "giant Yin disease" is the most dangerous of these three types. The origin of this name is due to the lack of 21 hydrocarbons in pregnant women, excessive secretion of progesterone and 17 hydrocarbons, causing the synthesis of aldehyde solid ketone synthesisThe amount of amount is reduced, causing the human body to have too much sodium discharge and reduce potassium excretion. The aldosterone is a salted cortex, so it is called a "giant yin disease".

The number of patients in this type accounts for about one -third of the number of patients. In addition to the symptoms of pure male types of "giant yin", patients with "giant yin disease" will also occur in electrolyte disorders soon after birth. Children will experience children.Anorexia, vomiting and other symptoms, if symptoms occur, are not treated in time, and newborn babies can easily die.

Even some children have no symptoms after birth, but it will not be long after a long time, and the heart stops because of the high potassium content in the body and the heart stops.

The last thing to say is the lack of 11-hydroxylase "giant yin", which only accounts for only 3%to 5%of clinical cases. The degree of masculinity of patients may occur.Symptoms such as acne are no different from ordinary people.

However, this patient may have extreme hypertension, and high pressure can even reach the range of 160-200mmHg. Without control, it is easy to cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and seriously affect physical health.

The above is the explanation of several types of "giant yin". Next, let’s talk about how "giant yin disease" is treated.

1. Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is mainly aimed at patients with severe "giant yin". Their external reproductive organs have serious distortion and have a serious impact on daily lives. For example, labiaum fusion of urination and failure to perform sexual life.In appearance, the form of surgery has three types: clitoris, ductive and labia.

2. Drug treatment

Because most of the female giant yin disease is due to the lack of corticosteroids, mild or moderate patients do not have obvious distortion of the reproductive system.Corticoids to play a physiological role to achieve the purpose of controlling the condition.

However, it should be noted that for their own health, patients need to take medicine under the supervision of a doctor, strictly control the amount of drugs, and do not do their own claims to increase or reduce the amount.

Women who suffer from "giant yin" should not cause psychological pressure. "Giant Yin disease" is not a cautious disease that cannot be overcome. Most patients will not affect normal life and can also give birth through natural conception.

However, the patient should pay attention to the protection of the genitals, and communicate with the partner in a timely manner to enable the partner to give it to the greatest extent, so as to increase the chance of conception.

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