What is lying on the side of Jin Mao? I closer to see that the cat is only a cat but speechless: Do you have nothing to eat?

In recent years, a word is very hot, called "old real person". In fact, it was originally honest to describe the personality of the person. Later, it was gradually played, and the stalk of "don’t bully the honest people".And honesty can not only be used in people, but also very suitable for animals. Like some animals, it looks like a bullied look.

Let’s take a look at the little interesting thing below to understand why the veterinarian Xiaoming said.The shoveling officer had a golden retriever at home, and she was pregnant not long ago. People are now a "pregnant woman".It is said that when I am pregnant, I have a bad personality and I am irritable, but the pregnant dog is still very gentle.

On this day, the shoveling officer saw his golden retriever lying on the ground for the baptism of the sun, but after the meeting, he saw what it was lying on his side, but after seeing it, he couldn’t help but despise it.Do you eat things?How old is it?

It turns out that this is a white cat raised next to the neighbors. I want to drink milk with Jin Mao ~ Although it is said that cats and dogs are generally not compatible, it may be because of their knowledge. Golden Retriever indulge the cat’s behavior, although it does not matterIt’s so big.

Veterinary Xiaoming thinks this may be due to the flood of mother love?Golden retriever can indulge white cats so good.There is no one for this white cat. It is so big. You can still find a dog for milk to drink. This is not a bullying honest person.

It seems that the glory of maternal love can be reflected in animals and humans.However, it can be seen from the side that this white cat is undoubtedly a giant baby. He obviously has the ability to find food and rely on golden retriever.In fact, there are many such examples in real life. Although the child is very big and has the ability to live alone, the parents still have everything to replace everything. The veterinarian Xiaoming does not think it is a good thing.

Parents cannot accompany their children for a lifetime, and they have their own way to go.If the parents are ready to help them, they have no ability to live alone, and they will nothing.If you don’t want your child to be a giant baby, then the parents will exercise them and give them the space they can play, so that the child can grow.

Veterinary Xiao Ming science: If there are many pets who have many pets, it is recommended to start raising when pets are small, which is easier to cultivate their feelings, otherwise it will wait for them to grow up and add new members to their families.It will cause contradictions. Generally, new pets will be bullied by indigenous pets.

As shoveling officers, we must also balance the relationship between pets.First of all, the new pets are separated from the indigenous pets, observe for a while to see if they are suitable for raising together.EssenceAt the same time, the shoveling officer should treat pets equally, and do not prefer a certain pet.

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