What is going on during pregnancy?Doctor: Be sure to pay attention to these 4 cases!

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The tight belly is caused by normal uterine contraction, and 88.1%of expectant mothers have felt this.You just need to relax yourself and be alert to some abnormal belly.

The stomach tightness is the feeling of tight abdomen, that is, abdominal distension, which is the normal uterine contraction of expectant mothers. Generally, there is no need to worry about it.The tightness of the stomach is painless, and sometimes it feels like menstrual pain.It’s very short every time, about 1 minute.In fact, starting from the third month of pregnancy, the uterine muscles of expectant mothers have begun to shrink, and even within one hour will shrink several times, but most of the expectant mothers do not feel at this time.A few expectant mothers will feel uterine shrinkage as early as 4 months of pregnancy.But most expectant mothers have only started to feel from 6 to 7 months of pregnancy.

When I am tired: When the expectant mothers have too much exercise or stand for too long, in short, when the body feels particularly tired, it is easy to cause the stomach to become tight.The specific reason is not clear, but at this time, the stomach is actually sending a signal to you to tell you that you need to rest.When stress and stress: When the expectant mother’s emotional fluctuations are relatively large, for example, when the pressure is particularly high or the mental is particularly tense or depressed or irritable, psychological factors will cause the uterus to shrink, causing the expectant mothers to have a belly.Tightly feel.

In the evening: Some surveys show that about 50%of expectant mothers often feel tight at night.Experts believe that some are caused by normal uterine contraction, and some are caused by fetal movement stimulation, because the stimulation of the fetus is also one of the factors that cause contractions.Maybe the mother and the baby are very relaxed at night, and the baby is easier to exercise, so expectant mothers are more likely to feel tight at night.

When the husband and wife are intimidating: because the semen contains hormones that can promote pain, that is, prostaglandin, prostaglandin is used to induce labor when the expectant mothers are pregnant.In addition, intimate behavior itself is equivalent to a movement, and relatively intense exercise can also lead to the shrinkage of the uterus. This is why it is easy to feel tight when intimate.Therefore, in the early and in the early pregnancy and the third trimester, it is not recommended to perform sexual life, so as not to cause unnecessary uterine contraction.If you often feel that your stomach is tight, you should control it when you are intimate, and pay more attention to your body’s reaction.

When you eat improperly: Eating too much cooler food can also cause your belly to get tight, such as eating a lot of ice cream, fruit juice, fruit, etc. Blood circulation will deteriorate, which will make your body cool, and your belly is tight.In addition, these foods can cause constipation, and constipation can also cause uterine contraction.When you eat too much and full, your bloating will also make the uterus with the stomach grabbing the site.

In most cases, the stomach is tight, so you don’t need to worry too much. You can relieve your stomach tightness by relaxing your spirit and body.The expectant mothers can judge the degree of tight belly by themselves. If you press your belly with your fingers, you can feel that the skin of the belly is almost the same as the skin on his face.It is a normal phenomenon.If you feel the hardness of the softness like your chin when pressing the belly, it means that the degree of tightening of the belly at this time needs to attract attention.It should be relieved as soon as possible. It is best to go to the hospital as soon as possible if it cannot be relieved.You can try the following methods to relieve the tightness of the belly.

Lie down or sit down and relax.First of all, keep quiet, no matter what you are doing at the time, it is best to stop immediately.If you can lie down and rest, it is best, and you must sit down and rest when you can’t lie.In another posture, it also has the effect of promoting blood circulation.Lie on the side when lying down, because if you lie flat, your belly will still be tight, which is not conducive to relieving discomfort.When sitting, pay attention to sitting positions. Do not let your belly be in a stretch or let your belly sit.You can use the cushion to adjust yourself to the most comfortable state.

Breathe fresh air to relax.If you feel that your stomach is tight at work, most of them are caused by stress or emotional tension. It is best to let go of the work in your hand and relax yourself as much as possible, such as listening to soothing music, keeping your eyes closed for a while, or or raising your eyes for a while, or or keeping your eyes, or for a momentStand up, go to the window or breathe outside the fresh air.

Eat citrus or fragrant vegetables to relax.In order to soothe the pressure, expectant mothers can eat some fragrant foods, such as citrus fruits, fragrant vegetables, herbal tea, etc., which also have a certain soothing effect.Remember, if you rest for half an hour to one hour, the feeling of tight belly is still unable to alleviate. It is best to go to the hospital for treatment. Please ask the doctor to help diagnose.

● In the early pregnancy, if the stomach is tight and the back of the backache may be a sign of miscarriage, you must seek medical treatment in time.

● If it is late in the second day of pregnancy, if you feel tightened for a long time, or the intensity of tightness is weak, but frequently appear, it is more dangerous and you should seek medical treatment in time.Pay attention to the belly caused by uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, excessive amniotic fluid, and intrauterine infection.

● If the frequent stomach of the belly is tight in the third trimester, the stomach is tight 6 to 8 times an hour, or the continuous non -relieving belly is tight, and there are strong pain or bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time, which may be a sign of premature birth.In the third trimester, you should also pay attention to the tightness of the stomach, which will affect the monitoring movement, because the fetal movement does not feel the fetal movement during the contraction. The uterine wall is like a wall built. It is difficult for the baby to convey the fetal movement to the mother.In addition, at this time, the blood supply of the mother to the fetus will also decrease, and the fetal movement will weaken.

● Regardless of the tightening of the stomach in any period, as long as it is accompanied by strong abdominal pain, the pain of pain exceeds the usual condition, or bleeding, you should seek medical treatment in time.

The frequent belly is tight and is considered to be a movement used to strengthen the uterine function so that the expectant mothers can better meet the arduous tasks of childbirth, which is a bit like warm -up before childbirth.The larger the belly, the more frequent the stomach, the more frequent the stomach. The expectant mothers can use this short time to practice those breathing methods to help relax during childbirth.

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