What is folic acid?Do pregnant women add folic acid?

When you are pregnant, everyone knows that the body is also particularly special. Be sure to pay more attention to eating more protein vitamin foods to have enough nutrition to themselves, or to make the baby healthier.Are folic acid?In fact, pregnant women should supplement folic acid in a timely manner before they are pregnant or before they want their babies.

What is folic acid

Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is an essential substance in the growth of fetal growth. It is a nutrient in the vitamin B group. It has the characteristics of water -soluble and cannot be gathered in the body.This nutrient was discovered from the spinach leaves at the beginning, so it was called "folic acid".Folic acid is an important nutrient. It is an important component of DNA and helps the brain’s normal operation. It is an indispensable vitamin for humans.For pregnant women, supplementing the appropriate amount of folic acid can effectively avoid the occurrence of premature birth, malformations, spine cracking, lack of weight, rabbit lips and other phenomena.

Which foods contain folic acid

Want to increase the amount of folic acid in the body? It is enough to eat it! Folic acid is mainly distributed in the five major categories of grain roots, vegetables, meat, fruits, and oil.

1. Granite rhizome

Including some soy products such as soybeans, and grain foods, such as barley, wheat, etc., as well as popular nuts, such as hairy chestnuts, pine nuts, walnuts, and so on.

2. Vegetables

It is the best dark color in the vegetable family. It is better to take aloe, green coconut, spinach, etc.!

3. Meat

Eggs, chicken, beef and mutton, etc., as well as animal organs (chicken liver, pork liver, etc.).

Special recommendation: chicken liver.Hypicidal has the title of folic acid champion. Just eating 50g of chicken liver, you can get 586.1 micrograms of folic acid, including some delicious grapes and lemon, appetizing bayberry, and intestinal banana.

5. Oil.In addition, chicken liver also has the effect of skin care, suitable for expectant mothers.

4. Fruit category (guaranteed fresh)

Nuts, such as walnut oil.

When will the folic acid be supplemented?

1. Folic acid began three months before pregnancy

The Chinese Nutrition Association suggested that folic acid can be supplemented from 90 days before the pregnancy, ensuring that the level of folic acid in the body is maintained at a certain content, preparing for the baby for the baby, so that the baby can be in an environment with sufficient folic acid in the early stage.growing up.

The fetus began to develop neural tube development before the mother’s body. When pregnant women realized that they were pregnant, the nervous tube development of the fetus had long been closed, so it was too late.

2. Replenish folic acid needs to continue the entire pregnancy

3 months before pregnancy and 3 months after pregnancy, this six months is the key time to supplement folic acid.Even if you take folic acid tablets in time, you cannot increase the content of folic acid in the body in a short period of time. Therefore, it is recommended that folic acid supplements should continue during pregnancy.As the baby grows and develops in the mother, the mother’s red blood cells grow, the breast changes, the production of the baby DNA, and the formation of the placenta need a large amount of folic acid.If the content of folic acid is insufficient, it will cause fetal malformations, premature birth, slow development, etc., while pregnant women will have symptoms such as premature placenta, red blood cell anemia, and pregnancy hypertension. It can be said that it has a great impact on adults and babies.

3. It is better to add folic acid in the morning

Studies have shown that women have better effect in supplementing folic acid in the morning or morning, because the body’s metabolism in the human body is faster during the day, and the morning is the best time to absorb nutrients.It is recommended to supplement folic acid within 30 minutes to 1 hour after breakfast, and pay attention to drinking plenty of water and pay attention to rest.

Folic acid’s advantages and disadvantages

· The role of folic acid

1. Effectively prevent fetal nerve tube deformity

Many expectant mothers have not figured out what neural tube is. In simple terms, neural tube is spinal cord and brain.During the early development time of the mother, the fetus needs to develop and close the nerve tube. If the amount of folic acid is not enough, the neurotic tube will be closed abnormally, which will cause congenital malformations of the baby, such as brain swelling, brainless, low intelligence, spine spineCracks and so on.The Studies of the American Centers for Disease Control found that women insist on taking 400 micrograms of folic acid every day within 3 months before pregnancy and three months of pregnancy, which can reduce the probability of babies with neurotoma deformities by 50%to 70%.

2. Effectively prevent the deformed of the body’s congenital diseases, cleft lip and palate

The first three months of pregnancy is an important period for the formation of placenta formation with the baby’s organs. At this stage, the baby’s cells are divided in a strong stage. If pregnant women lack folic acid, it will cause the baby to appear cardiovascular, bones, lips, eyes, kidney and other organs.Deforms, that is, our common lip and palate, congenital heart disease and so on.A study by Peking University shows that intake of sufficient amount of folic acid can effectively prevent the baby’s symptoms of the body’s deformity and reduce the mortality of the newborn.

3. Reduce pregnancy response

Some expectant mothers said that after taking folic acid, the pregnancy reaction was reduced, vomiting was reduced, and breast pain was relieved.In fact, as one of the members of the vitamin B group, folic acid can not only reduce the early pregnancy reaction, but also supplement the nutrients lost due to vomiting.

4. Prevent pregnant women and fetus anemia

Many expectant mothers have symptoms of anemia during pregnancy. This is mainly because the baby is in the mother’s body. The serum iron of the mother will "grab" the mother’s serum iron because of the growth needs.For a long time, the baby will cause hypoxia due to the anemia of the maternal body, and severe cases can cause the consequences of premature birth or even dead tires.The mother will also cause pregnancy poisoning because of anemia, the uterine contraction is weak during childbirth, and the postpartum resistance is slow to recover slowly.In addition, folic acid is mainly involved in the synthesis of red blood cells, so supplementing sufficient amount of folic acid can effectively prevent pregnant women and fetal anemia.

5. Promote the development of the baby’s nervous system

Folic acid has a great role in promoting the production of baby DNA and the formation of placenta. The mother’s body obtains sufficient folic acid, which can effectively promote the development of the nervous system of the fetus.

6. Reduce the risk of pregnant women suffering from eclampies

What is puzzle? It is a hypertension disease that women are prone to suffering from the baby. Supplementing sufficient amount of folic acid can reduce the risk of the disease.

7. Other functions

In addition to the positive effects of pregnant women and fetuses, it also has significant effects on preventing chronic heart disease, cervical cancer and breast cancer, and dementia.

Everyone is very familiar with folic acid. Before preparing for pregnancy or after pregnancy, you must eat it in time to prevent some malformations in the fetus faster.Eat some foods with more folic acid, or eat more folic acid tablets.

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