What if he finds that hepatitis B has no antibodies during pregnancy?Can I make a hepatitis B vaccine after giving birth?

The baby during pregnancy is healthy

Me: Doctor, is it okay to check?

Doctor: Okay, there is no big problem just to find that hepatitis B has no antibodies?

Me: What should I do?

Doctor: It is not a big problem. You have no antibodies, but there is no hepatitis B. It is usually paid attention to diet safety. It is best not to eat takeaway, do not go outside for dinner.Just check it.

Me: Well, I know.

In fact, when I hear this news, my psychology was particularly scared for a while, but under the company’s company and my family, my mood gradually recovered. As long as I pay attention to the psychological hints that will not have bad things, it will make me happy.During pregnancy.

Therefore, when the pregnant mother’s birth checkup occurs, the accompanying and care effect of family members is really important!The mood of pregnant mothers also affects the baby’s health, so remember to keep the pregnant mother a warm and happy mood!

What should I do if I find that hepatitis B has no antibodies during pregnancy?

1. Adjusting the mood, this is the normal situation that pregnant mothers may happen, not a disease

2. Pay attention to the safety of diet, try not to go out for dining and takeaway, family food is more suitable

3. Remember that you cannot make a vaccine during pregnancy

4. Regular checkup and observe at any time. Most of the situations will not have other effects

Safe production

So can I make a hepatitis B vaccine after giving birth?

1. The answer is okay, but the epidemic prevention center will ask you to go to the hospital for a liver function test. As a result, there are two and a half pairs of hepatitis B, and no hepatitis B antibody can be vaccinated without hepatitis B antibody.

2. It is not recommended to vaccinate the hepatitis B vaccine during our breastfeeding.

3. Hepatitis B vaccine must be used for three stitches. The first and second needles are separated by one month, and the third needle should be separated by 6 months.

4. After the vaccine, you cannot take a bath for 24 hours. Pay attention to the pinhole from infection.

5. Diet is light, avoid cold and spicy.

6. Our epidemic prevention center said that menstrual periods are not recommended because their resistance is reduced.

Three -needle B vaccine is completed

Now my hepatitis B has been replenished, and there is no fever and discomfort, so I share my personal experience with the same annoyance Baoma.I hope you should not be anxious, don’t be discouraged, the future can be expected …


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