What happened to women’s poor sleep during pregnancy?Perhaps it is related to these 5 major factors

After women’s pregnancy, the quality of sleep throughout pregnancy will directly affect the baby’s development in the belly. Good sleep will promote the baby’s development. On the contrary, it may affect the healthy development of the baby.However, many pregnant mothers have poor sleep during pregnancy. Female sleeping during pregnancy is not good. Generally, it is caused by the following reasons. It must be improved targeted.

What are the causes of poor sleep during pregnancy?

1. Calcium deficiency

If women do not sleep well during pregnancy, one of the first reasons is calcium deficiency, because the amount of calcium required for women after pregnancy is increased, especially at the time of the third trimester, at least 1,000 mg is required every day.If the pregnant mother does not pay attention to supplementing calcium at this time, it may not sleep because the calcium deficiency sleeps at night, or the nerve is too excited and sleeps well.

2. Uterine compression

For women in the third trimester, the poor sleep quality may be because the uterus becomes larger and compresses the lower limb nerves. At this time, there will be pain in the pubic bone or legs.There is no way to fall asleep, or always wake up while sleeping.

3. Frequent toilet

After women’s pregnancy, the uterus slowly becomes larger than the urethra. Bladers are prone to frequent toilets.Even when I sleep at night, I may be able to go to the toilet, and even some pregnant women will go to the toilet three or four times every night in the evening of pregnancy. Frequently going to the toilet will affect sleep and cause poor sleep quality.

4. Too anxious

After women are pregnant, as the baby in the belly grows day by day, the pregnant mother can feel that the baby moves in the belly by touching the belly.However, as the fetus is getting bigger and bigger, the mood of pregnant mothers will become more and more anxious. For example, sometimes the fetus will not move, and the pregnant mother will worry about whether the baby is not in the belly.It will affect night sleep.

5. The sleep environment is too poor

Women during pregnancy are too poor to sleep in the bedroom, such as the environment is too dry or too wet, and it is too hot in summer, and it is too cold in winter. These will directly affect the quality of sleep.For women during pregnancy, if you want to improve sleep quality, the environment must be warm and comfortable, keep the bedroom clean and tidy, often ventilate, do not have strong light irradiation or noisy sound when sleeping.

For women during pregnancy, if you want to improve sleep quality, you must pay attention to calcium supplementation. You can drink 500 ml of milk or eat calcium tablets a day, so as to avoid poor sleep quality due to lack of calcium.There are also appropriate exercise, such as slow walking, yoga, swimming and the like, which is helpful for improving physical function and promoting sleep.

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