What happened to those girls who were pregnant?Correct contraception, stay away from accidental pregnancy!


Due to the lack of sexual education in Chinese, many young men and girls have tasted the forbidden fruit when they understand the ignorance of adolescence and are pregnant. The young men and women who are already adults do not know how to propose contraception and get pregnant unexpectedly at the improper time.

The reason is that most boys and girls do not understand the correct way of contraception, and mistakenly implement the wrong contraceptive method to the end, which eventually leads to pregnancy and even abortion.

When you should not get pregnant, you will disrupt the original life planning, and it may cause harm to the girl’s body.

If a man really loves his other half, how can you bear to let her accept other people’s strange eyes?

I have a friend who was pregnant at the age of 20 and was unexpectedly pregnant, so he hurriedly married, even regardless of his parents’ opposition. Less than a year after marriage, the child was born, but when he was confinement, he found that his husband was derailed. You said that divorce should be divorced.?

The child is still breastfeeding and is inseparable from the mother. But if you choose to forgive it now, one will have two, will the husband become worse?

May wish to make a hypothesis, can the situation improve if she chose to abandon?

I don’t think it must be.

Abortion will undoubtedly have a huge harm to women, and may even affect fertility.Furthermore, how should a woman who had a pre -marital abortion is to be on her own and where to go?

All in all, the consequences of accidental pregnancy may cause irreparable consequences whether they are married or abortion.

First of all, we have to know which are wrong contraception methods to avoid stepping on thunder.

As long as you are not for men and women during pregnancy, you should understand the correct contraceptive method, and don’t regret your life for your "carelessness".

Error 1: "Safety Period" contraception

The so -called "safe period" is also usually memorized as "the first seven and eight", that is, the seven days before the menstrual menstruation and eight days after menstruation.

At this time, it is not a woman’s ovulation period. At this time, the same room will generally not make the woman pregnant, but because some women’s ovulation is irregular, although some women usually ovulates, when their emotions, physical conditions, and living environment occur,When changing, ovulation will also lose the original law.

So the "safe period" is not necessarily safe.

Error 2: Eye

1. Some people think that as long as the man shoots outside the body in the last moment, it will not cause pregnancy.

This idea is wrong: First of all, men are likely to have a small amount of semen flowing into women’s vagina along the prostate liquid before ejaculation; second, when men are ejaculating in vitro, if they move too slowly, some semen will be ejaculated.Women.

2. Harm

This method will cause men and women to be too nervous when they are in the same room, causing neurasthenia and decreased sexual desire.

Error 3: The same room during menstruation

1. It may also be pregnant

Under normal circumstances, although the possibility of pregnancy during menstruation is relatively small, because some people’s menstrual cycle is relatively short, the ovulation period is likely to fall in the menstrual period. At this time, the same room will also cause pregnancy.

2. The harm of the same room during menstruation

(1) Uterine infection

During menstruation, women’s uterine surfaces will form trauma, and their resistance decreases. Women’s body is more fragile. At this time, if the same room is in the same room, it is easy to introduce germs into women’s uterus, causing uterine infections.

(2) It may lead to infertility or even ectopic pregnancy

During the same room during menstruation, menstrual blood is prone to inverse flow, which will cause endometriosis, which will eventually lead to infertility or ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is the main cause of early pregnancy pregnant women.

Error 4: emergency contraceptive pill

1. Cannot 100%contraception

The contraceptive effect of emergency contraceptives is about 80%, not 100%contraception, which means that there is still a possibility of pregnancy after taking emergency contraceptives.

2. Use emergency contraceptives correctly, especially pay attention to dosage: at most once a month, not more than 3 times a year.

3. Harm

Due to a large amount of estrogen in emergency contraceptives, gastrointestinal reactions, nausea and vomiting, menstrual disorders, breast pain may occur when oral emergency contraceptives, and retreat bleeding may even occur after stopping the drug.

Have you remember these errors?Never commit it.

1. Aphrodisiac

Condoms are the most familiar way to contraceptives, but it is important to learn how to use condoms correctly to ensure that it played.

How to use a condom correctly:

2. External drug film (success rate: 96%)

The external drug film is mainly to achieve the effect of contraception by reducing the vitality of sperm.

3. Oral short -acting contraceptive pills (success rate: 99.9%)

Because there are fewer estrogen in short -acting contraceptives, the side effects are relatively small. This medicine not only has a small degree of interference in women, but also can adjust the menstrual cycle for a long time.

However, it should be noted that short -acting contraceptives must be taken strictly in accordance with the instructions. If abnormalities occur, seek medical treatment in time.

A healthy and harmonious sex life is a bridge of happiness between men and women. Do not let these wrong contraceptive methods affect your feelings and hurt your body.

If he loves you, ask him to give you a safe contraceptive method before marriage.

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