What food is good for pigeons?What should male pigeons be fed to prosper

The male pigeons will be strong in fed foods, peanuts, beans and other foods.In addition to enriching the recipes of male pigeons, let the pigeons eat more nutritious things. To adjust the living environment of the male pigeons, provide it with a quiet and ventilated and relatively large surrounding environment. The temperature should be appropriate and clean and hygienic.

Conditions that allow male pigeons to prosper

There are many ways to make male pigeons prosper. In addition to the breeding guarantee of male pigeons, pay attention to conditioning the body of the male pigeons in terms of diet, supplement it with sufficient nutrition, you can feed some twin every day, and then match a little peanuts, peas, peasMake sure the male pigeons have a healthy physical condition.

In terms of residence, it is necessary to provide sufficient space for male pigeons to make it have enough space for activity. The cage can make the pigeon feel better.It is also necessary to adjust the environment where the male pigeons are located to ensure the appropriate temperature, light and environmental hygiene, and try to make it feel comfortable and clean.

You can also put a female bird to stimulate it at a time, so that the male pigeons may slowly prosper.

What foods do pigeons eat

Pigeon is strict vegetarian, usually eating plant seeds, food crops, and vegetables.Occasionally, you can also feed vegetables and foods such as cabbage, dolls, lettuce and other vegetables.When feeding pigeons, you need to add some health sand to help pigeons digest food better.

The food of the pigeons is usually the main grains such as rice, millet, wheat bran, oats, corn, mung beans, and black beans. At least two feeds should be used to feed when feeding.You can also buy specialty pigeon products to feed it. Some vitamin, vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin E, vitamin E, vitamin E, vitamin E, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin A, and vitamin E can be added.Of course, you can also make pigeon food at home. It can be cooked rice, corn, bread dandruff, bun dandruff, steamed dandruff, coarse grains and other daily foods.

If the male pigeons are too small or too old, don’t force it too much. You can raise it first before trying it. The old one can only choose to give up.

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