What examinations should be done from January to October, some can not be missed

Experts from Jining Liren Hospital said that after pregnancy, basically do some related pregnancy examinations for a month or two. If pregnant women or family do not plan well, some examinations do not do it in time, and miss time, there is no meaning of doing it again.

Early pregnancy examination

0-8 weeks of pregnancy, early pregnancy testing, the position of the pregnancy sac and a single or twin, check whether there are fetal heart buds.

9-11 weeks of pregnancy, the unstable fetus in the first trimester can easily lead to abortion. Female friends should pay special attention. If there is a family genetic history, you can consider this time to go to a regular medical institution for a "choric membrane sampling" examination.

What examinations should be done from January to October, some can not be missed

At 12 weeks of pregnancy, to this time, pregnant mothers have to start the first formal examination during pregnancy. The inspection items mainly include: weighing and blood pressure, listening to the baby’s heartbeat, urine test (two values of diabetes and proteinuria), Thyrum, breasts, pelvic cavity, blood test (blood type, hemoglobin, liver, kidney skills and syphilis, syphilis, hepatitis B, AIDS, etc.), uterine size, fetal neck transparent band.

At 16 weeks of pregnancy, the second birth inspection, important inspections are: Tang’s screening and amniotic fluid puncture.Conventional examinations must be done, such as weighing, blood pressure, and listening to the baby’s heartbeat. At this time, there is a very important test: Tang’s screening (the best in 16-18 weeks of pregnancy), and some pregnant women need to do it.The amniocentesis is normal for chromosomes.

At about 20 weeks of pregnancy, the third birth checkup, detailed B -ultrasound examination, check whether the size of the fetus is in line with the gestational week, the doctor will follow the fetal head circumference, abdominal circumference, thigh length, and check whether the spine is inherently abnormal.

About 24 weeks of pregnancy, the fourth birth examination, important examination: The screening of gestational diabetes, the blood sample of expectant mothers needs to be extracted for sugar tolerance experiments.

What examinations should be done from January to October, some can not be missed

At about 28 weeks of pregnancy, the fifth birth test, hepatitis B antigen virus serum testing, check whether it is positive. If so, determine the vaccination within 24 hours of the fetus.

About 32-34 weeks of pregnancy, the sixth birth checkup, passed the B-ultrasound test, evaluated fetal weight and physical development.From 32 weeks, fetal heart monitoring testing has begun to prevent fetal abnormalities and premature birth.

About 38-42 weeks of pregnancy, the seventh birth checkup, this time pregnant mothers must be prepared at any time, make good fetal heart monitoring, evaluate the physical condition of the maternal, whether the fetal position is normal, whether the fetus can start to put the fetus, and whether the fetus can start to put it.pot.

You should know that after 38 weeks of pregnancy, if there are vaginal bleeding and amniotic fluid rupture, you should go to the hospital for examination immediately, whether it is a sign of production.

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