What examinations, methods and specific steps to do after pregnancy!


  In 12 weeks to build a archives in the hospital, the electrocardiogram, color Doppler ultrasound, whole blood and urine examination should be performed before the archives are built.After that, a routine examination is performed every 4 weeks to listen to the fetal heart, the high palace, the abdomen, the blood routine, and the regular urine.

  16-18 Wee

  22 weeks-24 weeks do malformation screening (color Doppler ultrasound)

  After 26 weeks, do diabetes screening

  After 28 weeks, a routine examination is performed every two weeks. After 28 weeks, the doctor will measure the pelvis once

  After 32 weeks, do the color Doppler ultrasound again, mainly depending on the condition of the fetal amniotic fluid

  Start checking once a week from 36 weeks to perform fetal heart monitoring


  B -ultrasound

  Each pregnant mother will receive at least 3 B -ultrasound during pregnancy, about 12 weeks, 24 or 25 weeks, and 36 weeks.In the second trimester, the B -ultrasound can roughly estimate the weight of the fetus, and you can also understand the situation in the palace so that doctors and pregnant moms can decide the way of production.

  If the doctor thinks it is necessary, it will also allow pregnant moms to perform more B -ultrasound.Modern B -ultrasound is safe and reliable, and pregnant moms need not worry.

   Blood test

  When pregnant mummy establishes a file in the hospital, it will conduct a comprehensive system check, including blood routine.Through it, whether pregnant moms have the signs of diabetes during pregnancy and whether they have other diseases, they can understand.

  Tang’s screening is a test that can be done through the blood test.According to the age of human race, pregnant moms, etc., the ratio of the Tang family is also different.

  Fetal heart monitoring

  After 36 weeks, the fetal heart monitoring of pregnant moms began.At least 15 minutes each time, the baby’s activity will be recorded in the case.If you find that your baby’s activity is not obvious or very small, the baby may be in a rest, but it may also be that the baby’s situation is not good. Doctors will judge according to the actual situation, or take further treatment measures for pregnant mothers.

   And if pregnant moms are about to produce, fetal heart monitoring can also test whether the pregnant mummy is in the pain stage.

   Umbilical blood flow

   The examination of umbilical blood flow is performed through Doppler, similar to B -ultrasound.However, umbilical blood flow examination is the blood supply of the fetus, so as to check whether the pregnant mummy has problems in the palace hypoxia.

In addition to the above, in addition to the above, there are actually special examinations such as amniotic fluid puncture. Doctors will make judgments whether they need to check according to the actual situation of pregnant moms.

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