What examinations do women need to do after pregnancy?What are the project inspection items?

Pregnancy is a major event in life. At this time, there are many places to pay attention to. If you don’t pay attention, some pregnant women are likely to face abortion and premature births, which will have a bad effect on the body and mind.During women’s pregnancy, if you want to judge the condition of the fetus, you can find problems by examination.What examinations do women need to do after pregnancy?What are the project inspection items?What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

What examinations do women need to do after pregnancy?

There are many inspections that women need to do after pregnancy, including blood routine, urine routine, B -ultrasound, liver function, etc. The specifically required inspections in different periods are also different.Pregnant women are best to consider doing inspections based on their own situations. It is best not to omit.

In all examinations, liver function, sexual transmission diseases, hepatitis B, blood type, etc. are very important examinations.Those who have family genetic diseases also need special examinations related to genetic diseases.Each examination during pregnancy has a certain sense, and different people’s examination results are different.

According to pregnancy time, the examinations that are generally needed in the early days are mainly blood routines and urine routines. This can be judged whether it is really pregnant.After more than a month of pregnancy, within three months of pregnancy, pregnant women need to do a B -ultrasound examination, which is to exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.Because ectopic pregnancy belongs to ectopic pregnancy, once you find it, you need to stop your pregnancy immediately.

After this stage of the early pregnancy, the inspection items that need to be done will slowly increase. At this time, the inspection is a conventional production check, which is an important basis for judging the development of the fetus.Because the situation of each pregnant woman is different, some examinations need to be done after pregnancy.

What are the project inspection items?

The main check -up items include measurement of weight, blood pressure, palaces and abdominal circumference, and each time the check -up items need to be done.In addition to conventional production inspection items, color Doppler inspection, testing of fetal hearts, and fetal heart monitoring are also required for production inspection items.

In the middle of pregnancy, Tang’s screening, gestational diabetes screening, and systemic abnormal discharge examinations are also required for production inspection items.When establishing a production inspection file for the first time, there will be more inspection items.After that, a month will be conducted once a month, including listening to fetal heart, measurement of blood pressure, weight, etc.

If women are abnormal during pregnancy, other examinations need to be performed. Especially when abortion signs occur, B -ultrasound is a very important production inspection item.The B -ultrasound can find the abnormalities of the fetus, which is very important to judge the development of the fetus.After entering 28 weeks of pregnancy, the production inspection items that need to be done at this time are mainly to listen to fetal hearts and several tires.

Although there are many production inspection items that need to be done during pregnancy, each examination is very meaningful. Women pregnant women do not pay attention to saving money, or do not pay attention on time.The regular checkup is a strong protection for pregnant women and fetuses themselves.

What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

In addition to paying attention to on time during pregnancy, other aspects also need to attract attention.In the first three months of pregnancy, pay attention to avoid strenuous exercise, otherwise it will easily stimulate the uterus, cause uterine contraction, and increase risk of abortion.If there are bleeding and abdominal pain, you should also take a check in time to reduce the risk of ectopic pregnancy and abortion.

Pay attention to diet and pay attention to the matching of food. It is best to be nutritious. This is sufficient nutrition and is beneficial to fetal development.Women with pregnancy reactions during pregnancy should also pay attention to the main diet. Do not eat too greasy foods to avoid aggravating reactions during pregnancy discomfort.Pay attention to the supplement of protein and vitamins, you can eat more shrimp, fish, milk, and fresh vegetables.

During pregnancy, we must pay attention to weight changes, and the weight amplitude increases too fast. Pay attention to proper control, otherwise it is too obese, which will not only make the fetus grow too much, but also increase the chance of women’s difficulty.Pay attention to appropriate exercise, don’t be too tired, develop regular work and rest habits, don’t stay up late.

There are many inspections that women need to do after pregnancy, and there are many places that need to be paid attention to throughout pregnancy. The fetus will develop better from the details.In addition, maintaining a good mood also has a certain impact on the development of the fetus.

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