What does the pregnant mother feel when the fetus hiccups?The answer behind it will definitely warm you

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When you go to the birth check, the doctor will let you count the fetal movement at home, but you will also tell you that "snoring is not a fetal movement."Many pregnant mothers are hesitant. What is snoring? Do you eat too much hiccups?In fact, pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much, the baby’s hiccup is normal.

Generally, at 4 or 5 months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will feel the wonderful "first fetal movement".With the increase of pregnancy, about 28 weeks, expectant mothers will have another amazing experience -that is: fetal snoring.

1. When the fetus hiccups, what does the pregnant mother feel?

Will the fetus snoring?It sounds like a joke, but it is indeed like this.By the end of pregnancy, the pregnant mother will find that the fetus will move regularly in the abdomen, once every 2-3 seconds, and the last time is 2-5 minutes.Sometimes it lasts 10-20 minutes, jumping, similar to a heartbeat. If you touch the beating place with your hands, you will play a bounce, very regular.Sometimes the fetus will snoring in the middle of the night, sometimes when you get up in the morning, then touch him gently, and then he will not fight for a few minutes.

2. Why does the fetus snoring?

1. The pregnant mother will stimulate the baby after eating too fast or drinking cold, exciting, dry food, etc.

2. The diaphragm development of the fetus is immature.

Like adults, the fetal hiccups are normal.Because the lungs of the fetus have not developed well, they must continue to swallow amniotic fluid.From a medical perspective, this is the sound of the baby when swallowing amniotic fluid, and he is also "practicing" breathing movements, so that the lungs can develop faster and mature, and prepare for normal breathing after birth.It’s right.

3. Can fetal hiccups be considered fetal movement?

The fetal movement refers to the movement of the fetal initiative. In the day, there will be two active peak periods, one at 7-9 am, and the other time from 11 pm to 1 am the next day.

It mainly appears in the middle of the lower abdomen. Pregnant mothers will have several different feelings, such as rolling and pulling, indicating that the fetus’s body rotates left and right, which lasts longer, usually around 3-30 seconds.Sometimes, you will feel that he is kicking or beating in his stomach. This may be that the fetus is practicing punches and kicking in the stomach, usually for 1-15 seconds; and at other times, you may feel that the baby is trembling and slowly.Creation.

4. Is the fetal hiccup judging the fetal position accurate?

When the fetal position is the head position, the position of the pregnant mother’s belly is probably on the left lower abdomen or the right lower abdomen, but if the position of the beating is significantly rising, it means that the fetus has been converted into an abnormal fetal position, and it should be corrected as soon as possible under the guidance of a doctor.

For example, when the fetal position is horizontal or hip position, the beating of the abdominal wall of the pregnant mother generally appears in the middle and upper abdomen.If the beating site is found significantly, the fetal position may be normal, and there is no need to continue to correct the fetal position or treat it.Due to the differences in the individual of the fetus and pregnant women, the beating part of the abdominal wall will have a certain relativity, and it cannot be described so specific and fixed.

In the third trimester, if the pregnant mother wants to accurately judge her fetal position, it can check the fetal position through B -ultrasound. If it is an abnormal fetal position, it is corrected as soon as possible under the guidance of the doctor.Let the fetus be at the best fetal position and prepare for smooth delivery.

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