What does it affect the baby after pregnancy? The effects of the three periods are different. Don’t care about pregnant mothers.

Many pregnant mothers do not like to go out after pregnancy, especially the Qisu and Eight Vesles who have just been pregnant, and they have no strength at all.Coupled with worrying that people who go out will meet themselves, so they don’t like going out.But in fact, this is wrong. I do n’t go out every day after pregnancy. It is not only bad for ourselves, but also has an impact on the development of the baby.

Koko lived in a snail house after pregnancy. He ate and slept at home every day, slept, and chased the drama in the sofa.I thought that such a "beautiful" life would continue until production, but as her mother -in -law drove, her law of life was broken.After eating dinner, her mother -in -law would call her out for a walk. She also said that she was not good at the "big grandson" at home. It took half an hour to take a walk in the morning and evening.Ke Ke was so embarrassed that he could only obey in the face of her mother -in -law. After all, her mother -in -law used to be a obstetrician. She should be right, but is it too harsh for pregnant women?

Ke Ke said this to me with a complaint tone, feeling that her mother -in -law was fine.As a good sister, I told her that the advice of her mother -in -law was correct, and it was really bad at home during pregnancy.And the early pregnancy, second trimester, and third trimester are different, and the impact on the baby is different.Ke Ke listened to his face blank, true or false?What impact can it be?

During pregnancy, I do n’t go out every day. It is nothing more than lying down, sitting, and nesting. This is not good for pregnant mothers and fetuses. It will not only reduce appetite, but also affect fetal development.

1. Do not like to go out in the early pregnancy

Early pregnancy embryos are relatively small, and less nutrition is required, but the pregnancy response may make the pregnant mother uncomfortable. Therefore, it is recommended to go out in early stage. If the indoor air does not circulate, it will exacerbate pregnancy vomiting, and it will make the pregnant mother’s appetite bad.If you ca n’t eat meals, you may have a phenomenon of hypoglycemia.

2. Do not like to go out in the second trimester

The second trimester is when the fetus is developing fast, and this is also a moment of nutrition.Pregnant mothers should go out frequently, take more "sunbathing". Under the sunlight, supplement VD, promote calcium absorption, and indirectly develop the fetus for nutrition.

Previously, a pregnant mother had been resting in bed for a long time. As a result, the baby’s indicators were not qualified during the birth check, which was much smaller.After the doctor knew her daily situation, she told her to go out and walk more. The light nest was at home, and it was difficult to absorb any more calcium babies.

Third, do not like to go out in the third trimester

The body of pregnant mothers in the third trimester is relatively bulky. Most pregnant mothers choose to rest in bed to avoid premature birth.In fact, if the fetus has not entered the basin at this time, the pregnant mother’s abdomen will be oppressed and will have an impact on appetite.Going out on the one hand to promote appetite, on the one hand, you can exercise the bottom muscle elasticity of the pot, which can make it faster during childbirth.

PS: Exercise in the third trimester is mainly low intensity. It is recommended to walk, yoga during pregnancy, etc. If you climb the stairs, it is best to accompany someone around you to avoid accidents.When you go out near the due date, you can bring the documents required for hospitalization to prepare from time to time.

Parenting Parenting Message:

In short, no matter what period of pregnancy, it is recommended that you go out frequently and do not keep your home at home. It is not good for the fetus and pregnant mothers.Try to avoid places with large traffic when going out and avoid bumping into the abdomen.

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