What does expectant mothers have to do with the "burning heart" during pregnancy?Don’t add trouble because of chaotic guessing

Women’s pregnancy is a relatively special period, because children grow and develop in their mother’s belly, and the mother’s body will have a lot of corresponding changes.Not only in the body, weight, and appearance, but also various discomforts.

"Burning the heart" is the feeling of many pregnant mothers. From the beginning of pregnancy to production, it will always bother Bao Ma.If you ca n’t eat well, you ca n’t sleep well. The magical thing is that when the child is born, it will disappear immediately.Why do you feel like this?

Linlin was about 4 months of pregnancy. When she started her pregnancy, she didn’t know. It was not more than 10 days after menstruation delayed.

Fortunately, Lin Lin did not have much early pregnancy reaction, and occasionally vomited for pregnancy. She was very comfortable from others’ pregnancy.After three months, I thought it was a more comfortable stage. I did not expect Lin Lin to start to have a "heart burning" situation.

After eating something, burning heart, not eating, and torture Lin Lin did not have a little appetite every day, and eating it seemed to be completing the task.

When I called with my mother, she said her reaction. Mom said that it was normal about pregnancy. At that time, Hua Linlin also burned a heart. It may be that the child had long hair, and it would be fine after this stage.

After listening to her mother, Lin Lin didn’t care. When she went to pregnancy, Linlin raised a question of her heart burning. The doctor immediately asked the relevant performance seriously.

This feeling seems to be that there is fire in the stomach, and the hot and hot discomfort is uncomfortable, so everyone is called "burning heart". In fact, the gastric acid used to digest food is flowing into the esophagus, and the esophagus is eroded.Essence

It will make people feel that there is no appetite, chest tightness, and unblocking, and there may be bleeding seriously.If it does not attract attention, not only the expectant mothers cannot eat, but also cannot provide nutritional supply to the fetus, which will affect the normal development of the fetus.

The old man often says that the mother feels that the child is growing hair or to guess the gender of the child. In fact, this statement is incorrect.The mother’s heartburn symptoms have nothing to do with their children’s hair.The reason for the heart burning is the following 3 points.

1) Unintentional changing eating habits make the stomach of the expectant mother uncomfortable

During the pregnancy, the body’s discomfort will make the pregnant mother’s appetite bad, and always like to eat some sore or spicy foods to "appetite".Eating such foods for a long time will cause the burning sensation of the stomach, which is the feeling of burning heart.

2) When the fetal treasure grew up, it puts pressure on the abdomen and stomach of the expectant mother

As the fetus grows, the uterus continues to increase, and it will squeeze up to the stomach, and the pressure from the abdomen will increase the return flow.

Stomach acid stimulates the mucosa of the stomach.When the pregnant mother coughs, sneeze, etc., the abdomen will increase the pressure of the abdomen and increase the burning feeling.

3) Affected by hormones, many expectant mothers will encounter this situation

After pregnancy, the hormone growth in pregnant mothers is too high, which will be suppressed by the function of the stomach and intestines, slowing the peristalsis of the esophagus, and the food in the stomach cannot be cleared quickly, which will make the back flow of the esophagus more serious.

First of all, do not eat too much when eating, add pressure to the digestion of the stomach.

You can eat less meals and chewing slowly, alleviate digestive pressure.Try to avoid eating 2 hours before going to bed.

There are also requirements for food foods. Carbonated beverages, acidic foods such as oranges, tomatoes, vinegar, etc. should be eaten as little or not.Stomach discomfort.

Second, adjust the sleeping posture appropriately

When the expectant mother sleeps, the upper body is raised with the help of a pregnant woman’s pillow or cushion, and the body and bed are kept from a 10 -degree to 15 degree angle to reduce the return flow. There is no need to put the entire upper body too high, as long as it is above the stomach.

Finally, it is particular about clothing

Wearing loose clothes not only make the pregnant woman’s stomach comfortable, but also relieve the return flow.Wearing too tight clothes will make the pressure of the abdomen and stomach greater and exacerbate the return flow.

Sugar Mom’s heart:

After pregnancy, there will be some discomfort, don’t add trouble because of chaotic guessing.If the above methods cannot be relieved, seek doctor’s help in time.

[Today’s topic] Have you had a heart burning during pregnancy?

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