What do you think of ovulation test strips?Does the normal medicine affect the result?What precautions

Friends who are preparing for pregnancy are no stranger to ovulation test strips.I also often receive questions from many netizens about ovulation and ovulation test strips in person. Today, let’s take a look at how to better use the ovulation test strip to improve the "hit rate"!

In women’s menstrual cycles, luteal generating hormones (LH) in urine will appear within 24-48 hours before ovulation. The use of the ovulation test strip can more accurately detect the peak level of LH.

After the test is started, it should be tested regularly every day. When the color close to the peak value is about to occur, the test should be tested every 12 hours until the LH peak value is detected.The accuracy of this ovulation day test method is high, and the cost is low, which is an ideal method for women’s self -test ovulation.

1. The timing of ovulation test strip

You can start the test on the tenth day of menstruation. Test it once a day until the test strip display gradually turns strong, and then increase the frequency of testing. Test it every 4 hours to test the strong yang.So during this period, the same room is the easiest to conceive.Due to the different menstrual cycle days of each woman, the cycle detection table can be referred to during detection.

2. How to use ovulation test strips

a. Collect urine with clean and dry containers. Morninguria must not be used (remember).

b. The best time to collect urine is from 10 am to 8 pm.

c. Try to use urine samples at the same time every day.

d. Moisturizing should be reduced within 2 hours before the collection of urine, because diluted urine samples will prevent the detection of peak hormone (LH) of luteal generating hormone (LH).

e. The end of the test paper is immersed in the urine at one end of the arrow logo line. After about three seconds of the watch, take out the flat release, and observe the results for 10-20 minutes. The result is subject to reading within 30 minutes.

The liquid surface should not exceed the MAX line.

3. How to see the test results

A. There are two purple -red lines, and the color of the lower end line is obviously lighter than the upper end line. It means that ovulation is going to be ovulation and must be tested daily.

B. Two purple -red lines appear, the upper and lower end lines are basically the same, or the color of the lower end line is deeper than the upper end line, indicating that ovulation will be ovulated within 24 ~ 48 hours.

C. Only one purple -red line appears to indicate no ovulation.

1. Generally, the normal menstrual cycle is 28 days. The next time the menstrual period comes, it is pushed forward for 14 days as the ovulation day. Generally, testing from the 11th day of ovulation day, and always testing for 6 days.But not every woman ovulates in the middle of menstruation, and may not have positive results during the test 6 days.

Some women are sometimes affected by environmental, emotional and fatigue, and may ovulate in advance.

2. Observe and record changes in the color of the line during testing. If the detection results are negative, but the color of the detection lines starts to decline, it can also be used as the LH peak.

3. The test strip should be observed within the specified time, and it is invalid after 30 minutes.With negative test results, a light ribbon may appear in the position of the detection line, which is observed after a while.

4. Before use, the test strip cannot be subject to the moisture or touch reaction membrane. After the test strip is taken out, please cover the can.The test strip should be used during the validity period, and please do not use it after expiration.

5.. HCG in urine will interfere with the test strip test results. Therefore, ovulation test strips are not suitable for pregnant women. If LH peaks appear for a few days, you should first detect whether you are pregnant.

6. No common common medication (such as cold drugs, antibiotics, painkillers, etc.) affects the accuracy of test accuracy, but it will affect if injecting or taking drugs containing HCG.

If you have any problems in preparing for pregnancy, please discuss and share!

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