What do you think of fetal duct color ultrasound?The doctor teaches you to understand 11 indicators

A friend asked, "How do you think the fetal system ultrasound check report form?" Let me introduce it in detail!

I did a system B -ultrasound at 26 weeks of pregnancy, that is, a large row.The doctor’s examination was very careful, and there were too many data to look at a little.The doctor explained in detail how to think of this system B -ultrasound single (large row of deformed color ultrasound list).

Fetal position

The fetal position will be separated from the head, hip position, and horizontal position. Only the head position is a normal posture.

The head is the head of the fetus, the hip position refers to the fetus sitting in the mother’s belly, and the horizontal position means that the fetus is across the mother’s belly.If the fetus is head, it means that the fetal position is positive, and other fetal positions need to be corrected.I was the hip position at the time, and at 34 weeks was the header.

Fetal development index

The fetal development indicators include double -top diameter, head circumference, abdominal circumference, and femoral length. The comparison of these data and standard comparison tables is normal for a week or two.If the deviation is too large and the gap is three or four weeks. For example, if it is too big, it means that the fetus is too large. Pay attention to the mother’s diet and do not eat too much.If the fetus is too small, it means that the mother needs to strengthen nutrition.

Fetal heart rate

The standard range of fetal heart rate is 120-160 times/min, exceeding this range, the fetus may have hypoxia problems and need to inhale oxygen in time.

Umbilical cord

The umbilical cord includes two arteries, and one vein. Many fetal tests are found that there is only one artery during testing. This is called a single umbilical arteries. It may be caused by a arteries rupture during fetal movement, or it may indicate chromosomal diseases.Need to review and confirm.

At this stage, umbilical arteries blood flow S/D is less than 3, and the RI value should be less than 0.8. If the data is within this range, it means that the fetus is developing normally.

You must also observe whether the fetus is around the neck, and the neck is represented by W, and the neck is represented by a V.

Amniotic fluid

The amniotic fluid depth of amniotic fluid and the amniotic fluid index, the range of amniotic fluid depth is between 3-7 cm.The range of amniotic fluid index is between 8-18 cm.If there are too many amniotic fluid, eat more diuretic food to help reduce the amniotic fluid.If there is too little amniotic fluid, drink enough 2000ml liquid to supplement within two hours.


It will show whether the placenta position is the front wall, the side wall or the back wall.The thickness of the placenta also gives a data.The most important thing is the placenta grading. At this time, it is generally 0-1.

Head and face

The skull aura is visible, the middle of the brain is in the middle, and the bilateral hill brain shows that the bilateral brain chamber is not expanded.There are no obvious terminals on the upper lip of the fetus, the eyes are displayed, and the nose is visible.Some fetuses will show a widening of the side ventricle, and generally absorb the general road, don’t worry too much.

The ears are not displayed in the report, because the ears are small, and they will be affected by the fetal position, and the judgment is not accurate.


Double light bands in the spine are arranged in parallel, neat and continuous.


The four -cavity of the heart of the heart shows that the size of the left and right rooms is basically symmetrical, the rooms are consistent continuous, the heart of the heart is crossing, and the packets are visible.

Fetal abdomen

The liver, kidney, stomach bubbles, bladder, and kidney are visible, and no obvious abnormalities are seen in the intestines.Some will show the separation of the fetal pelvis, which is generally caused by urine in the dysfunction of the fetus, and the review is gone.


Both sides are visible, and their hands are fist -shaped, and their feet are visible.As for the fingers and toes, it cannot be judged.

The system B ultrasound is basically these data. For roughly, it means that the fetus is normal.

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