What do you need to pay attention to in the early stages of pregnancy?This article makes you understand in seconds

In the early stages of pregnancy, because the baby has not yet taken shape, the placenta is still unstable, which is the most critical time for the baby to grow and grow. Except for daily life, more attention should be paid to the diet.So, what should you pay attention to in your diet in the early stages of pregnancy?

In the early pregnancy, it was also the time when the pregnancy reaction was the strongest. At this time, pregnant women often had no appetite, and some expectant mothers would be accompanied by strong pregnancy reactions such as vomiting, nausea, and dizziness.Instead of nutrition, you often swallow various foods, which is actually unnecessary.In the early days of pregnancy, the cells of the embryo were in high -speed division and division, and the growth rate of cell proliferation was relatively slow, so the demand for energy was not very high.Therefore, you don’t have to replenish energy in terms of energy. Pay attention to a balanced diet and increase nutrition appropriately.

For prospective mothers with poor appetite, you can choose some foods you like more, and you don’t need to force yourself to eat a variety of nutrients.But pay attention to spicy and irritating foods should still eat less.During the early pregnancy, a large amount of estrogen secreted by the luteal of pregnancy, the latter acts on the vascular endothelium, which causes the mucosal edema, especially the gastrointestinal mucosa, and the bowel movement slows down, and the appetite is not indifferent. In this case, a small amount can be meal more.Essence

At the same time, it is necessary to increase the intake of protein in moderation.Because the development of the embryo is in a positive nitrogen balance, the appropriate amount of the expectant mother can increase the supply of proteins to the embryo.Can add protein -rich foods such as beans, fish, eggs, milk, etc.In addition, the most important component of the nervous system is lipids during the rapid differentiation of the embryo nervous system during early pregnancy. Therefore, maintaining sufficient essential fatty acids, such as sea fish, and some fish oil, DHA, etc. to meet the fetal brain development needsNutrients.

As a expectant mother, you must know one thing to supplement folic acid every day.But why add folic acid?Because folic acid is actually a carbon unit of nucleic acid substances, a large amount of basic substances in the nucleus.The nucleus is in the position of the cell headquarters.It is enough to see the importance of folic acid for embryonic development.The supplement of folic acid can help prevent fetal nerve development. On the contrary, if folic acid is insufficient, it is very unfavorable to the development of the fetus.The neural tube of the fetus may occur, and the fetus may be too low when they are born.For prospective mothers who do not have a history of pregnancy, the amount of folic acid is 0.4 mg/day, and if you have precious mothers who have a bad pregnancy history or a bad pregnancy history, you need to supplement 5mg/day folic acid.

Early pregnancy diet plans should be balanced in nutrition, avoiding malnutrition or excess nutrition.Calcium, iron, copper, and composite vitamins are added on the basis of comprehensive and reasonable combination of nutrition. It is mainly included in red and green vegetables, fish, eggs, animal liver, internal organs, and cod liver oil.

Can I have the same room in the early stages of pregnancy?

In the first three months of pregnancy, it was called early pregnancy, and this period determined whether the fetal development was good.Under normal circumstances, if the indicators during pregnancy are normal, it can be in the same room during pregnancy, but the same room is not recommended in the first three months of pregnancy, because at this time the fetus is still unstable, and the same room is easy to abortion at this time.Not only in the early pregnancy, the last three months of pregnancy, but also the same room in the third trimester.Although the same room is not recommended in the early pregnancy, in fact, the husband and wife can strengthen the relationship between husband and wife through kissing, hugs, etc., and meet emotional needs, and this method will not affect the development of the fetus

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