What do we need to pay attention to when dogs are pregnant?

Many dog breeders have no experience in the pregnancy of dogs, and in fact, the dog can get pregnant after more than one year old.So, what are the things that dogs need to pay attention to?

First, pay attention to life: Pregnant dogs will increase significantly, and parents should provide a quiet environment to ensure their sleep quality.The weight of the bitch will increase to a large extent during pregnancy, and her actions will be inflexible as before. You should try to avoid jumping from jumping from a height or an obstacle to avoid danger.In addition, the bitch’s abdomen of the swollen belly gave her to clean up the vulva and lift her legs to itch, causing trouble. These things can only be worked by parents.

Second, you should pay attention to when you bending: Dogs will change when you are pregnant, and you no longer like other dogs to smell your fart.If a dog comes over, it may be shouted at other dogs or look aggressive.So pay attention when you bring your dog to bend, try to keep it distance from other dogs to avoid conflicts.And if the dog is very large in the later stages of pregnancy, you should consider increasing the number of times to bring your dog out to urinate, because at this time the dog’s bladder volume will be reduced, and it is not as able to urinate as before.

Third, the dogs who are pregnant need to pay attention: Hugging a dog is often a thing we like, especially dogs with smaller body shape.Hold the dog, but this action is not good for the pregnant dog, especially when the puppy in the pregnant dog’s belly is old, it is easier to be strangled or pressed.The safer posture was squatting down, holding the dog’s four legs with both arms, and bringing it up.Don’t hold your dog like holding your child. This may be a bit difficult to understand. The above picture below makes everyone understand.

Fourth, pay attention to diet: When dogs are pregnant, a mouthful of eating must feed many small lives. In particular, the belly of the dog mother in the middle and late stages quickly expands.Mom’s meals will also increase.But it ’s not enough to eat more. If you eat more nutrition, you have harmed the dog.Nutrition is important. It plays a decisive role in the health of the female dog, the normal development of the fetus, preventing miscarriage, and the secretion of female dog milk.For pregnancy maternal dogs should feed foods with high nutritional value.

Fifth, what to prepare.In almost two months, prepare a large carton (convenient for production) to spread the old thin blankets or mattresses in it.To clean it, let it sleep inside, because the dog’s mother will find a clean place when it is about to give birth, and the owner, you prepare a disinfected sharp knife (so as not to entangle the umbilical cord) and the milk, bread, and hot water.At this time, it is necessary to wait.See if your dog will take care of the puppy, the normal dog will naturally give birth, and will lick it clean.


During pregnancy, the movement often becomes dull and lazy. At this time, it is necessary to give the bitch an appropriate outdoor activity and let the bitch take the sun more. It is absolutely prohibited from running, jumping, running up and down stairs, and fighting with other dogs to avoid abortion.

Be careful not to push the bitch’s abdomen.

It ’s about fifteen days before the bitch raw puppy, and take a bath for the dog, because it is best not to take a bath during breastfeeding, so as not to catch a cold or affect breastfeeding.If you take a bath too early, it may be dirty for too long, but if it is very close to the production time, it may cause the dog’s premature birth.

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