What do pregnant women eat on fire?Living information

Edit recommendation: Women should eat more beache oil during pregnancy

Any changes will affect the hearts of the family.It is a bad thing for pregnant women to get angry during pregnancy. Women who are pregnant are the most delicate babies in the world.As far as food is concerned, bitter "taste food is fire" natural enemies.The reason why bitter food is suffering is because of the bitter substances such as alkaloids and urea. Traditional Chinese medicine research has found that these bitter substances have the effects of relieving heat and eliminating heat and eliminating fatigue.Zuijia’s bitter food is the first bitter gourd. Whether it is cold, fried or soup, as long as the bitter gourd can be cooked and "blue" can be achieved. "

There are other bitter foods that also have good fires. "In addition to bitter gourd. Such as almonds, bitter vegetables, bitter tea, celery, kale, etc., can also clear heat and relieve heat.

There are many fruits and vegetables in summer, except for eating bitter food.Eat more sweet fresh fruits and fresh and tender vegetables.Experts point out that cabbage, cauliflower and watermelon, hawthorn, apple, grapes and other minerals are rich in minerals, especially the high content of calcium, magnesium, and silicon.Eat these foods.In addition, let me take a look at the food recommended by the experts ":

In fact, many people think that drinking milk in summer will increase "getting angry" and cause irritability.Not only will Xia drink milk not "get angry", it can also relieve the heat drugs and remove the liver fire.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that milk is slightly cold. It can play the effect of "removing fire" by nourishing yin and relieving heat, and milk contains about 70 %% of water, which can also supplement the water that the human body loses due to a large amount of sweat in summer.It should be noted not to freeze milk into ice cubes, otherwise many nutrients will be destroyed.

There is also medicinal value.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that it has the effect of "removing fire", and strawberries and strawberries are not only delicious.Can clear the heat, relieve heat, remove annoyance.

Eating it will not cause "getting angry" upset, and watermelon watermelon is cool.And it is rich in potassium salt, which can make up for the lack of potassium salt in the body caused by the human body.But be careful not to put watermelon in the refrigerator for more than 3 hours.

Soybean soybeans can also add protein that is consumed by a lot of consumption due to high temperature.

But tomatoes are the most in summer, and tomatoes are visible all year round.The sweetest and the most nutritious.

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