What do men want to have a second child?This is worry -free and less guilty!

After the second -child policy was liberalized, many families joined the Gongwa Army again. On the one hand, they hope that their own family is more lively. In addition, since a child has been born, it is not a big problem to regenerate a big one together.

Recently, a post -70s male patient came to the clinic for consultation: "Doctors, have we had been pregnant for more than ten years, can we still have a second child?"

In recent years, the results of my country ’s research show that the incidence of male infertility has increased year by year. At present, about 10-15%of the people in the crowd, as the age increases, the incidence rate is higher.

And most of the second -born couples may be older in age, which has higher requirements for the men’s semen.

So, what should I pay attention to in the second child men’s pregnancy?This information has been known for a long time ↓↓↓

1. Common factor of male infertility

1. E -erection, ejaculation dysfunction, and insufficient frequency of sexual life, such as less than 2 times a month;

2. Reproductive accessory glands infection: orchitis, epididymitis, increased semen white blood cells, etc.;

3. Systemic causes: systemic diseases, high fever, smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, staying up late, etc.;

4. Severe sperm veins to soften the testicular atrophy;

5. Endocrine, genetic factors: low testosterone, abnormal chromosome 47xxy;

6. Little, weak, and deformity sperm symptoms; small sperm quantity, low mobility or high deformity rate.

7. Sperm -free: 7 ~ 10%of male infertility.It was not seen that the sperm was shot to find sperm after three times of semen centrifugal.

Second, preparation for men before fertility

1. Stay up late: Staying up late will cause raw sperm disorders, poor sperm vitality, and increased malformation rate and DNA fragment rate.

2. Quit smoking: Smoking can cause a decrease in the number of sperm, and the occurrence of oxidation should be stimulated.

3. Drink less: decreased sperm fertilization ability, low sexual desire, sexual dysfunction.

4. Avoid sedentary, drive for a long time, and contact high temperature.

5. Avoid contact with toxic, harmful substances, radiation, etc.

6. Exercise properly and balance nutrition.

7. Regular life: Don’t be too frequent or too little.

Third, men’s pre -fertility examination

1. Semen examination: 3 to 7 days of abstinence, check the number of sperm, vitality, deformity, top body function, sperm DNA fragment rate, and white blood cells.

2. Chromotive examination of both husband and wife: couples with a small number of sperm or a particularly high deformed rate and a history of adverse pregnancy.

3. Mediterranean anemia test: In some provinces in my country, if Guangdong is a poverty -founder with high incidence areas, the two sides can use the third -generation IVF technology PGD to choose health offspring.

4. Sexually transmitting diseases and some infectious diseases, such as hepatitis, syphilis, AIDS, etc.

For those who have difficulty in fertility, those who still cannot get pregnant naturally after the quality of drug treatment improves sperm quality, they can use assistant reproductive technology.details as follows:

1. Sexual dysfunction such as erection, ejaculation: Natural pregnancy losers can choose artificial insemination.

2. Less, weak, and deformity sperm: Anti -inflammatory, antioxidant, and endocrine stimulation can be performed. Those who cannot be pregnant naturally after treatment can adopt the corresponding auxiliary reproductive technology in combination with the woman’s situation.

3. Sperm -free: If it is a obstruction factor, you can choose testicles and epididymis pests to take essence, combined with the second -generation IVF technology to help pregnancy.

“””””What to pay attention to at pregnant pregnancy”””””

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